Danny Olson And Yetep Release 6-Track Remix Pack Of Their Collaboration “Melting” Featuring Easae

Danny Olson And Yetep Release 6-Track Remix Pack Of Their Collaboration “Melting” Featuring Easae

By Akshay Bhanawat – March 17, 2023 0

    Los Angeles-based producers Danny Olson and yetep are resurrecting their Lost In Dreams single “Melting” ft. EASAE with six new renditions.

    Highlnd, Synymata, Nikademis, Draeden, and Setter Kid put their mark on the cinematic ballad, while Danny Olson and yetep also unveil a special VIP.

    Setting the stakes for the remix project comes yetep and Danny Olson’s Orchestral VIP. The epic reimagination doubles down on the symphonic elements with huge string swells and film-ready sequences. The vocals ascend to the heavens as the producers create an uplifting score that drifts between triumphant and emotionally gripping.

    Following up, fellow LA-based producer Highlnd delivers a masterful take on the track. Melancholy chords set the tone as EASAE’s impassioned vocals pull at your heartstrings. Uplifting chords create a euphoric sense of flight in the first half of the drop before descending into a darker bass-driven section. The grittier textures expand the sonic appeal while broadening the impact. A touching vocal break returns the spotlight back to EASAE before the rework reaches its apex with a final empowering climax.

    “‘Melting’ was already such an anthemic and beautiful song and I’m honored to put my spin on it,” says Highlnd. “I’m excited to play this out live and I can already tell that the dark, euphoric, and energetic production is going to fit perfectly in a set.”

    Lost In Dreams staple Synymata provides a stunning melodic bass twist. Delicate keys and lush pads create a dream-like state that’s carried through the rework. The producer pushes EASAE’s vocal performance to new levels of emotion with a powerful cinematic backing. Perfectly placed percussion builds and relieves tension while commanding leads elevate the impact. Synymata’s spin is refreshing and intoxicating, leaving listeners in a state of pure bliss.

    Adding a fresh spin on the original is New York’s own Nikademis. The up-and-coming producer delivers an ever-evolving remix that blurs and bends genres to its will. Breezy guitar strums give the opening a laid-back summer feel. You can practically see the sun setting as warm air makes your temperature rise. The first drop packs a sun-filled future bass feel that borders on euphoria.

    The rock-inspired break gives it an easy-to-embrace energy before things take a darker turn. The final build switches the aesthetic, priming listeners for the glitchy and gritty melodic dubstep-focused drop. The shadowy conclusion gives EASAE’s vocals a completely new layer of emotion.

    When I was approached with the opportunity to remix ‘Melting,’ I knew this was going to be a special experience,” explains Nikademis. “I am such a huge fan of all of the artists, and the original tune already resonated with me so much. I wanted to build off of the feeling the track already created in my own way, and I had a blast doing so. I’m so happy I have the chance to release this one on Lost in Dreams as it’s one of my favorite labels at the moment!”

    Montreal-based phenom Draeden gives the track a futuristic rework that packs a powerful punch. The vocals are bent into a haunting dimension that’s underscored by white-knuckling cyberpunk-infused dubstep. Just when you think you have this one pinned down, Draeden pushes the tempo and intensity with a glitchy, pulsing switch-up that’s sure to get your heart racing.

    “My remix is an industrial cinematic bass song with intricate basslines and enigmatic ambiance,” explains Draeden.

    Rounding out the pack, newcomer Setter Kid brings the project to a close with an engrossing melodic bass rework. Jazzy keys provide a stunning yet moving groove that is fused with glitchy drops, video game-inspired synths, and sharp vocal chops. The remix gives EASAE’s vocals room to breathe while adding a new range of emotional impact with its backing.

    Danny Olson shares his excitement on the whole project: “I am thrilled to announce my first-ever remix EP, which includes the winning remix from a highly competitive and exciting remix competition! This package features, in my opinion, an incredibly diverse range of talent and style—making it not only impactful, but unique from other compilations. I am truly a massive fan of each of the contributing artists, and cannot thank them enough for their interest and time spent adding their own sound and vision to such a special record; one of my favorite records that I have released! I present, ‘Melting, again’… in a whole new way.”

    A composer, producer, electronic artist, DJ and Lost In Dreams veteran, Danny Olson has always rigorously cultivated and pursued his passions for both electronic and cinematic music, focusing his energies between dance music, trailer music, and film scoring. Last year, Danny Olson collaborated with Highlnd for “Not Letting Go,” featuring Micah Martin, and Synymata on “Lose It All” alongside singer Casey Cook.

    Championing community-driven music, LA-based producer yetep continues to impress the music industry via innovation and individuality. yetep is quickly becoming a household name in the world of dance music. Already amassing tens of millions of streams across his back catalog, yetep is quickly cementing his position as one of the most exciting artists in the West Coast electronic scene. He recently performed at the inaugural Lost In Dreams festival.

    Tapping three of electronic music’s brightest minds in the electronic space, the ‘Melting (Remixes)’ pack pays homage to the original while blessing it with three fresh takes.

    Danny Olson and yetep’s new ‘Melting ft. EASAE (Remixes)’ is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.

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