Perry Wayne Continues The Saga With Immersive Follow-Up EP ‘Rise Of The Enterprise’

Perry Wayne Continues The Saga With Immersive Follow-Up EP ‘Rise Of The Enterprise’

By Akshay Bhanawat – March 17, 2023 0

    Perry Wayne is back on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint with the cinematic and heavy-hitting EP, ‘Rise Of The Enterprise.’

    Dallas-based producer Perry Wayne has been rising up the ranks of the dubstep scene with an aggressive style and a penchant for storytelling. Last year, he showcased his strengths on his Gud Vibrations debut, the six-track ‘Embers’ EP. Wayne makes his return to the label with his sophomore EP, ‘Rise Of The Enterprise.’ The new project welcomes listeners into his dystopian world with three devastating bangers, plus a special VIP from the artist himself.

    Perry Wayne sets the scene with the project’s first single “Rise Of The Enterprise.” The introduction is futuristic yet sinister. The gloomy and uneasy opening darkens with each passing bar. An automated voice announces Wayne Enterprises’ takeover before tension ramps up to uncontrollable heights. The drops are a descent into pure madness. Hard-hitting riddim scores the quest for world domination, crushing anything that comes within its path. The switch-up brings in added swing and finesse without letting off the intensity. An eerie outro foreshadows what’s to come.

    “You Die” sees Perry Wayne continue on his path of destruction with a devastating dubstep weapon. Spine-tingling sounds intertwine with pulsing lasers and bolstering percussion. Buildings crumble to dust in the wake of Wayne Enterprises’ ruthless takeover. A triumphant undertone scores the victors’ brutish regime while the gritty drops embody the sound of annihilation. Staying true to its title, the track is a certified killer.

    Connecting with the CEO of Darkness, Nosphere, the pair continue their reign with another beastly banger. “Top Dawg” utilizes commanding vocals, brash guitar riffs, alien synths, and militant percussion. The lasers lead the charge as breakneck bass obliterates any opposition that still dares to stand in Wayne Enterprises’ way. The track rings off like a futuristic battle anthem that completes the arc of the EP, while also proving more than bold enough to stand on its own in any set. Perry Wayne also offers fans a unique VIP of “Top Dawg” which packs a more industrial feel with a stomping riddim bounce.

    In celebration of the EP, Perry Wayne has several upcoming headline shows across the U.S. He will also be taking over festival stages throughout the year. He’s already received Spotify Editorial placements on Dubstep Don for his songs “Mosh” which was released on Gud Vibrations, and “Big Sound,” which was released as part of his ‘Wayne Tower’ EP.

    Perry Wayne explains the storyline behind the project saying, “The ‘Rise of The Enterprise’ EP takes place at the beginning of the Perry Wayne and Wayne Enterprise story, where Perry Wayne conquers dystopian cities on Earth, and builds true power across the galaxy.

    For Wayne Enterprises, they will do everything and anything, all in the pursuit of true power. “You Die” is a mind warp of a song dedicated to explaining what it would sound like if you were captured by the Wayne Enterprise force and your city was in the process of being conquered.”

    Perry Wayne’s ‘Rise Of The Enterprise’ EP is available everywhere via Gud Vibrations.

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