Benda Creates A Bloodbath On Murderous 5-Track ‘Hostile Homicide’ EP

Benda Creates A Bloodbath On Murderous 5-Track ‘Hostile Homicide’ EP

By Akshay Bhanawat – March 17, 2023 0

    Following the release of the lead single “Homicide” last month, Benda returns to Bassrush with the brutish five-track EP ‘Hostile Homicide.’

    The gritty new dubstep project sees the producer leveling up once again.

    Setting the course for the EP is “Hostile.” The short but powerful cut is the perfect introduction to what’s in store. The ominous opening is understated with a dark underlying energy. Shifting gears from unsettling to tense, the quick build-up gives way to an aggressive laser-filled dubstep drop that packs a filthier industrial-inspired feel. Clocking in at under a minute and a half, it’s a brief but impactful opening that lets fans know Benda is out for blood.

    Leaning into his love for rap, Benda connects with bubbling Florida rapper Simon Said. for “Kingdom Of Hearts.” Don’t let the title fool you, this isn’t an emotional love song. Simon Said. floats over the bass-heavy backing and trap drums with a careless, boastful flow filled with hedonistic bars. Between the verses, Benda morphs the hip-hop vibe into his world of brutal bass and metallic madness. The push and pull provides a killer contrast that takes it from the club to festival stages within the single track.

    Building on the foundation laid in the previous track, “Homicide” mixes rap and dubstep yet again for a deadly combination. Distorted guitar riffs and grungy bass set the tone for Puku’s smooth, autotuned flows. The rapper flexes his rockstar lifestyle taking listeners on a mind-altering joyride. The wild trip takes a dark twist as Benda drops into a maniacal dubstep massacre punctuated by metallic percussion, destructive laser synths, and beastly low-end. Drifting between the party-activating energy of Puku’s bars and Benda’s brutal bass-rattling onslaught, “Homicide” lives up to the title, delivering a murderous monster.

    Veering into a new direction, Benda taps Vastive for the moshpit-inducing “Ruthless.” The in-your-face screaming vocals are brash and violent while the production serves to only amplify that energy. Distorted guitar riffs give it a hard rock edge while knocking 808s in the break add in some additional swagger. Complete with raucous and bloodthirsty drops, this fight-ready anthem is not for the faint of heart.

    Drawing the EP to its conclusion comes “Smack Talk” alongside Chassi. The Los Angeles producer proves to be the perfect match for Benda as the two craft an innovative weapon of mass destruction. The futuristic heater launches listeners into a heavily computerized world riddled with bass and malevolence. The vocals carry the same merciless approach heard throughout the project while being bent and looped to multiply the excitement. Glitchy, filthy, and inventive, “Smack Talk” pushes the barriers of sound design while maintaining a murderous intent.

    Benda gives fans an inside look into how the EP came together: “This whole project has been a big step in the right direction for me, sonically and visually. I’ve tried to captivate my influences of electronic music and rap music throughout this EP and I think that it shows through all of these tracks. Each one of these records had their own unique awakening: Working over discord with Vastive; Chassi in LA; working over text with Puku and Simon Said. Each one of these songs is different in their own ways, but still portrays heaviness and aggression from start to finish—hence the title of this EP, ‘Hostile Homicide.’ Big shoutout to Bassrush and Insomniac for being the perfect home for this project!!”

    With the lead single “Homicide” already receiving live support from heavyweights Layz and Sullivan King, expect this EP to be destroying stages all year. Benda will be joining ATLiens’ official ‘Space Cathedral’ Tour tied to their recent EP on the Bassrush imprint, as well as joining all stops on Sullivan King’s ‘Thrones of Blood’ Tour.

    From start to finish Benda’s ‘Hostile Homicide’ takes fans on an unrelenting rollercoaster ride that’s riddled with bass. Connecting with an array of impressive collaborators allows his vision to come to life in its most forceful form.

    Benda’s new EP ‘Hostile Homicide’ is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.

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