DJ Khaled – I Got The Keys lyrics

[Intro] DJ Khaled: We The Best music! Jay Z: Oh, this what we doin’ here DJ Khaled: Another one! Jay Z: I’ma have to put my jewelry on for this one Future: Wraith talk, Wraith talk Oh, we talkin’ that Wraith talk Safe talk, safe talk, here we go talkin’ that safe talk DJ Khaled:

Dae Dae – Wat U Mean (Aye, Aye, Aye) lyrics

[Verse 1] Racks in me like a piñata Fuck you, blue Balenciagas Robin Jeans with the Foamposites Hit the club, now my black bottles Bloods wit me woo woo woo No set trippin’, they know I’m crippin’, fool Jesus piece a 10k gold I’m a fuckin’ fool, you better act cool German Shepherds in my

Pitbull – Greenlight lyrics

[Refrain: Pitbull] Red light, green light Everybody take a shot Red light, green light Give me everything you got Red light, green light [Intro: Pitbull] Mister 305 Flo Rida and LunchMoney Three Miami boys, you know what time it is [Hook: LunchMoney Lewis] Give me the green light, oh yeah Cause I’m ready to go