Azizi Gibson – Nintendo King

[Verse One] Playing Mario Party with my thots Breaking out the weed and the drink on the spot Its looking like Player 3 can’t be stopped Because we going hard, every star, roll a blunt Yeah, we going fifty turns, yeah we finna get crunk For every every game that’s lost, we going to make

Shinhwa – She Said (아는 사이)

아무렇지도 않은 척 내게 다가와 팔짱을 끼는 너 Baby 두근거리는 맘 눈치챌까 귀찮다고 한 거야 조금만 떨어져 Uh, Baby Girl We Should Take It Slow, I mean We Do It All But We Just Aint Showing 서로의 마음 Playing Hide And Seek 이랬다 저랬다 혼란스러운 내 기분 So Worry About I Want You More Then