2 Chainz – Burglar Bars Lyrics (feat. Monica)

2 CHAINZBurglar Bars Lyrics (feat. Monica) As I met 2 Chainz a few minutes ago, as I gazed into his face, I felt that I was in the presence of royalty. There’s a certain power presence that he gives off I tried to be, everything you want and need ‘Cause you got a deep title

2 Chainz – Saturday Night Lyrics

2 CHAINZSaturday Night Lyrics Y’all niggas lame for that, y’all niggas lame for that Shoot a man in his back, should be ashamed of that Young niggas banging back, young nigga banging back Then we gon’ fade to black then we gon’ fade to black I left the crib walking, drove a Mercedes back You

2 Chainz – Door Swangin Lyrics

2 CHAINZDoor Swangin Lyrics I wouldn’t even… I wouldn’t even be here without that mothaf**kin’ door We doing numbers, holmes 5540, we doing numbers, holmes You can look that shit up, you can research that shit Another day we gotta get it, ‘notha day we gotta get it I say ‘notha day we gotta get

2 Chainz – Bailan Lyrics (feat. Pharrell)

2 CHAINZBailan Lyrics (feat. Pharrell) You, you, you, you, you Hate me ’cause I tell you the truth Maybe your friends are confused I’m gonna tell you the truth Go ahead and goooo, bailan, bailan, bailan, bailan Goooo, bailan, bailan, bailan, bailan All week, keeping on, my mind is… Going in, going in, going in,