Chile and Argentina suspended supplies of lithium raw materials to Russia

In Russia, lithium ore is not mined. The representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that Argentina and Chile, along with Bolivia and China, were the main suppliers of this raw material Workers collect lithium carbonate Argentina and Chile have suspended the supply of lithium ore to Russia, the deputy director of the

Chile’s last speaker of Yagan Indian language dies

The government of Chile said that the last speaker of the Yagan Indian language died on Wednesday at the age of 93, reports TASS. The Ministry of Social Development and Family Affairs of Chile noted that she worked to preserve the culture of the Yagans and their language. In particular, she compiled a dictionary of

Chile’s 35-year-old president-elect pledges to increase salaries and pensions

Local authorities turn to face the people Chileans, who have been electing a new president for almost a month (not without a second round), have decided: the country will be headed by 35-year-old Gabriel Borich, who has become the most young head in the history of the South American state. Despite his young age for

Chile allows children from three years of age to be vaccinated with Sinovac vaccine

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China The Chilean Institute of Public Health has authorized the use of the Chinese manufacturer Sinovac's coronavirus vaccine for children from three years of age, TASS reports. . minors. The institute also said that clinical trials of CoronaVac in Chile showed that children, when vaccinated, produce

M.E. Unveils Debut Single, ‘Proud’

M.E. Unveils Debut Single, ‘Proud’ By Akshay Bhanawat – September 24, 2021 0 5 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Here’s what M.E. had to say about the track, “The inspiration for this song comes from how it feels to be someone who isn’t comfortable being themselves usually because they are scared of what other people will

Nicki Minaj Reveals She Contracted Covid-19 While Shooting Video

Nicki Minaj says she contracted Covid-19 recently after shooting a video. Taking to Twitter on Monday, September 13th, Nicki Minaj revealed that she recently tested positive for the coronavirus. “I was prepping for vmas then I shot a video & guess who got COVID?” she posted. “Do u know what it is not to be

H16 – Dali Lyrics

Jé jé toto je album Sila Nahrávaný v štúdiu môjho brata Romana Zámožného Rok 2016 ďalší Abeho banger Toto neni žiadny ego trip Toto je soul trip Užívaj tú krásu Tú kvalitu a neporovnávaj Nebuď hejter My žijeme navždy Odkaz a muzika šíri sa svetom To najlepšie ešte len príde Starý mój zrejeme vekom 2017

Rick Ross – BIG TYME Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Swizz Beatz & Rick Ross] God, thank you For blessing me for everything that you’ve blessed me with They tried to see me down, but we way up Jesus Oh this Swizz Beatz talking on a Just Blaze track Rick Ross on the poetry Ay, Just, this religious God dammit, says

Queen – Bring Back That Leroy Brown Lyrics

[Chorus] Bring back, bring back, bring back that Leroy Brown, yeah! Bring back, bring back, bring back that Leroy Brown, yeah! [Verse 1] Bet your bottom dollar bill you’re a playboy, yeah, yeah! Daddy cool, with a ninety dollar smile (oh yeah) Took my money out of gratitude And he get right out of town

Vic Sadot – Broadside Balladeer lyrics

I remember the year that Broadside Balladeer Took his own life away, so they say… Now I still long to hear him singing true and clear How I miss that Broadside Balladeer! Chorus: So I’m gonna say it now! I can’t say it when I’m gone Let us not speak falsely now For we must