Gucci Mane – Shit Crazy Lyrics

[Intro: BIG30 & Gucci Mane] Twysted Genius, baby Get back, get back Yeah (Wop) Ha, yeah Ha [Chorus: BIG30] Man, this shit crazy I’m in Miami with Gucci, Rolls Royce look like flavors This murder shit ain’t nothin’ to me, whackin’ shit on the daily Lil’ bitch say she ain’t heard of me, told the

Pooh Shiesty – 50 Shots Lyrics

[Intro] (TP, baby) [Chorus] Thirty, forty, fifty shit (Blrrrd) I shoot ’til that glizzy click (Shoot until it click) If you see my face, don’t run away, that’s how Ricky got hit (That’s how Ricky got hit) I can’t count how many times these bitches told me I ain’t shit (And I know I ain’t