Jada Kingdom Reveal She’s Battling Bipolar Depression

Jada Kingdom reveals she’s battling bipolar depression as she pushed back at critics over her weight loss. Jada Kingdom hit back at critics who have accused her of being on drugs. The criticism came after the “Best You Ever Had” singer posted several photos of her during a night out, looking slimmer than usual. In

Izabell – Ka Du Vil Lyrics (feat. Kriminell Kunst, Vatr, Kiddo Kash, Lings, Icy Arn, Wayra Taqui & Stini)

[Intro: Izabell] Wooh, aha, Izabell [Vers 1: Izabell] Attitudeproblemer, gje de Izabell Trekke i trådene som Gepetto, STVG Kartell Bygge det opp med mitt ego, en jævel med Lego Kaste opp tusen tusenlapper, shoo, Iza har blitt emo Bare gi meg placebo, eg e sukker, du e zero Du smiska medisin, og eg va under

Night Lovell, Lindasson & FTG Reggie – A Lot Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Hey CR! (Hey CR!) [Verse 1: Night Lovell] You is a peon, I’ma get money tonight, I am a don Droppin’ a bomb, that bitch need someone to lean on, someone to say she the one This shit is fun, niggas just actin’ tough, know that your bitch a slut She

Bedoes & Lanek – Doda :* Lyrics

[Zwrotka 1] Nie znam miejsca, gdzie mogę mieć miejsce Moje drinki, jak moje myśli – trochę ciemniejsze Paru OGs, parę kobiet – robi się gęsto Kto mnie kocha, kto jest ze mną tylko dla fejmu? Kto mi pomoże, jeśli stracę wszystko? Kto wtedy będzie? Kto mi pomoże, jeśli będę żebrał, a nie jeździł Rangem? Mam

Frvrfriday – Free Up Lyrics (feat. Ye Ali & Shabazz)

[Verse: FRVRFRIDAY] That Selena got my eyes low They coming for the dope, I feel like Pablo She got FRIDAY fever, she gon' hit the follow I want 80 on my wrist, I feel like time slow You don't gotta ask, girl I'm always doing well Everything I do, I do it by myself yeah

Princess Nokia – Gemini Lyrics

Play this song I am Gemini Super fly Fly guy I am Gemini Two heads One eye I am Gemini Like Pac André Lauren And Kanye Boy George And Anne Frank I am Gemini But no, I’m not fake I am Gryffindor But don’t move like snake I am Gemini People love to call me crazy But they judging and they hating

Reeko Squeeze – Back On It Lyrics (feat. Blockz)

[Intro] Aye yo, aye niggas get shot everyday B. You be aight nigga You tough right? I’m out Reeko. You understand what I’m saying? Look at me I get shot in the head baby My body different, my breathing different, you understand what I’m saying? Doctor said I wasn’t gonna walk the same, you understand

Lunay – Fin De Semana Lyrics

[Letra de “”Fin de Semana] [Coro] Llegó el fin de semana Y ella llamó a su’ pana’ No quiere saber de nadie Hasta el lunes por la mañana (Ey) Llegó el fin de semana Pa’l carajo la mente sana (Wuh) Borracha me tiró al DM Que quiere qué le dé con gana’ (Le dé con gana’) [Verso] Tre’, do’

HERMOSA Lyrics and Video Song – Aastha Gill, D Soldierz

Oh girl!Kehnde ne Barcelona ton utri ae tuDass mainu!Nana nana nah, oh baby!Main Delhi shehar di Senorita hoonPuch kisi ton vi tu Billo lagdi ae HermosaLagdi ae Hermosa!Aye, Billo lagdi ae Hermosa Billo lagdi ae Hermosa! Bobby Brown di load niI don’t give a damnNa makeup shakeup laani aaJitthe jaawan utthe agg main laani aan

Guardin – Creature Lyrics

[Chorus] It’s three o’clock, times running out I rather sleep in than write all about How I’m depressed, how to get out ‘Cause I don’t know shit I said, ”f**k it,” and made it work out I’m a mess (Mess), I guess (I guess) But for some reason they stay impressed I’m a pess- (Pess-) imist (Imist) Optimism is

JayDaYoungan – Dum (Remix) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: JayDaYoungan] Any these niggas play games, we slaughter Pop, pop, pop This nigga, big 23 shit, bitch, oh Key Guapo [Chorus: JayDaYoungan] Do whatever the fuck I want to You niggas play games, we slump you Bitch, you say you dumb, I’m dumb too Bitch, you say you dumb, I’m dumb too Do whatever the

Chris Brown – Problem with You Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] D.A. got that dope [Verse 1] Friday, Saturday, Sunday night Only girls in the crib if they ’bout that life (Yeah) Twenty-twenty-five, is the usual And I’m a young nigga with ’em, livin’ my best life (Oh) Phone ring, I don’t really think about it (No) It’s too late to talk about it If you

Lil Durk – Don’t Talk To Me (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Durk] Yeah Ayy, what Blac Youngsta tell them hoes? (Toot toot) [Chorus: Lil Durk] Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to me) Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to me) Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to me) Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to

Tee Grizzley – Bitches On Bitches Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Pump] Yeah, bitches on bitches Ooh, bitches on bitches, yeah, yeah, Lil Pump Ooh, bitches on bitches, ooh, ooh Ooh, J Gramm [Chorus: Lil Pump] Ooh, bitches on bitches (Bitches) Give your ass a bean, now you’re showin’ off titties (Ooh, yeah) Bitches on bitches (Huh?) Young rich nigga, bitches call me eight

Chris Brown – Had To Do It… Sorry DJ Khaled Lyrics

[Intro: Michael Jackson & DJ Khaled] And we can ride, and we can ride the boogie We the Best Music! You gotta feel that beat And we can ride, and we can ride the boogie Another one I wanna rock with you DJ Khaled! [Verse 1: Chris Brown] I’ve been looking for a BM ‘Bout

Juice WRLD – London Tipton Lyrics

[Chorus: Juice WRLD] I’ve been runnin’ off on plugs, I need to rob another one I’ve been rubbin’ off on all these niggas, cause they steal the sauce Fuck niggas and hatin’ hoes, bitch I hate those That lil bitch goes “hiss, hiss”, she a snake hoe Somethin’ like a bad kid, I don’t listen

T-Pain – Boo’d Up (T-Mix) Lyrics

[Intro: T-Pain] This shit been overdue I’m still not over you, oh This shit been overdue It’s a T-Mix, baby [Verse 1: T-Pain] They be like, “How many songs can you make about a booty?” Like a thousand, ooh girl, you gon’ learn today, come get this poundin’ I’m not finished, I’ma hit it in