Selena Gomez – Expressing Myself Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: Selena Gomez] You know that feelin’ (Hey!) When life tell you it’s time to go (Skrrt!) I realize my blessing (Hey!) A side of me that they don’t know (Hey!) I’m a woman, now did you know? And I light up the room, yes I go (Hey, hey!) Rare is

Chief Keef – Lamb Pass By Lyrics

[Intro] The ghetto The ghetto [Verse] Lamb shoot by (Shoot) Everybody lookin’ (Lookin’) Fifty round in the stash box, for a pussy (Pussy) I’m a young boss nigga, so I feel like I took it (Took it) Chance came a young nigga way and he took it (Took it) Sneak dissin’, thought he was straight

Lil Wayne – Line Em Up Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] M-M-M-Murda [Pre-Chorus] I had a Benz when you had a bike Uh, all this cocaine got me actin’ white You could ask Jada Pinkett, nigga, I’m a legend You could ask Chrissy Teigen, ask John Legend [Verse 1] She said I got a vanilla aftertaste Cut his face, let him use his blood for his

Saba – Church : Liquor Store (feat. Noname) letras

[Intro: Akenya] Oooh Ahhh Oooh Ahhh [Verse 1: Saba] They ask you what’s the cause and effect Of doobies packed in they fat, now you calling collect They booby trapping the trap The police pulling a pulley you fall for it you silly Putty you outta shape, fuck running, you’ll catch a case I can’t,