Lil Yachty – Can’t Go Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] Go Big bank, stash that New car matte black Quarter mill’ in backpack (Skrrt) Glock 9 left hip No, a nigga can’t go (Brrt, brrt) All the Bloods yellin’ “Slatt, slatt” Bad bitch, bring her home Bend her over, break her back (Uh) Send her on her way with cash (Uh-uh) These days these niggas

Alex Sol – I’ll Go Lyrics

I’ll Go Artist: Alex Sol Go I’ll go Go I’ll go Go I’ll go Go I’ll go In heaven No more crying Everyone else’s goin But we are loving it here And down there people are screaming I wanna tell you There’s a river called hades of fire You must have escaped away yeah From your boring prison Break

Claudia Leitte – Let’s Go Lyrics (feat. Carlinhos Brown)

[Letra de “Let’s Go” com Claudia Leitte & Carlinhos Brown] Sabes? Claudia! Vai! Mão na cintura, se prepara, vai começar Agora quero que não pare Isso tá uma loucura, todos querem bailar Bota a mão no joelho, empina e treme Joga pra cima que eu quero ver Joga pra cima, vai, treme! Joga pra cima que eu quero ver