Killah Priest – Nothing Like It Lyrics

[Killah Priest] 15 wit one in the head, could did it all No friends were called, then I recalled Somethin’ smeared on the wall Close relationships I hated it, we split Dated this chick, atheist God stained seven but he played the six Dated CO’s, left ’em wit bulge Kept me in clothes, but said

Filthy Gears – Step Up Lyrics (feat. Wiley, Jammz, CapoLee & C Cane)

[Chorus: Wiley] When I step up, man can’t step up This ain’t a setup but I run the setup You’re getting too comfy, rudeboy, better get up I ain’t gonna step down, blud, I’m gonna step up I do it like step up, man can’t step up This ain’t a setup but I run the

Schengen visa fee hiked to €80 from February 2

A trip to much of Europe will be more expensive from next month with Schengen visa fees set to increase to €80 from the current €60, officials said. A Schengen visa is needed for 26 European countries, including Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Spain. The new fees will come into effect from February

Johnny Cinco – I Remember Lyrics

[Intro] Dre, did you drink all the juice? Lovin’ you, trust issues [Chorus] I remember the times when I was loyal I remember the times when I would lie I remember the times when I would hug you I remember the times when you would cry I remember the times when we would f**k all night Remember so many

Joell Ortiz – Talk Dat Lyrics

Yaaaaooowaaaa!! [Joell] I’m hearin’ New York back [FTG] Yea, they say New York back? [Joell] Ya I’m hearin’ that talk [FTG] Ight Joell talk dat [Joell] Black Polo tee 40 tucked where the horse at If you was in my shoes you take ’em off where I walk at {FTG] Caught dat? Tell ya wife

King Blues – We Are Fucking Angry Lyrics

KING BLUESWe Are Fucking Angry Lyrics Just a glimpse of the future we’re buying Behind them hands are you laughing or crying? You fall apart when we ain’t complying And we ain’t gonna take this no more In the fog vampire blood suckers Fight them off by flinging nunchuckas You can’t stop us, up for

Horrible Histories – Flame lyrics

[Verse 1] Greeks: In 776BC Olympics were begun Greece was the only country, so naturally we won Cheats built bronzes of God Zeus were we honest winners The answer’s no we had more statues than you’ve had hot dinners Our games meant truce was called in war a peace every 4 years But wrestling was