Coi Leray – Tired Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, bitch [Chorus] Bitch, I’m tired, yeah, yeah Bitch, hold on Don’t tell me come outside, bitch Yeah, damn, yeah Bitch, I’m tired, yeah Don’t tell me come outside, bitch Yeah, dumb ass, watch your mouth Said what I said, bitch, why you frown? [Verse 1] Damn, bitch, I got me a check, yeah

Quando Rondo – Safest Lyrics (feat. Lil Durk)

[Intro] (Tj Produced It) [Chorus: Quando Rondo] Ayy, I know the way that I be livin’ ain’t the safest I been out searchin’ for your love for so long, I can’t replace it I know you not the same person inside, you two-faced They said you cried, you left him on the road, I can see all the traces

Earl Sweatshirt – EL TORO COMBO MEAL Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: Mavi] Man Lost my dawg to the staircase, took the highest spot on the podium Ghostin’ niggas, probably smokin’ to the thought of knowin’ us They loss a part of growin’ up Spurned is learned, I had to keep a wedge to get out of the rough Fuses clipped for nuisance, disrespect ’cause we

Kodak Black – Down N Out (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yeah I’m that youngin from the projects Stolen cars, but I’m gettin’ money now, so I bought a Jag She want me to love her, eat that pussy good Slide it in her ass, but I’m not familiar with that I’m not the student at the front seat of the class Teacher’s pet, a class