Kweku Collins – Nat’s Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Kweku Collins] And again we start with the piano [Verse 1: Kweku Collins] Walked in the label, singing bout some Helen, they wanted Pompeii from the boy So in my own way, I imagined a mountain, ironic, it’s built to destroy This feel like last summer Yeah, this feel like my summer But if

Ja Rule – The Inc. Intro Lyrics

JA RULEThe Inc. Intro Lyrics [Ja:] I anit much on prayin’ now [people:] Alright its alright… [Ja:] I never really known my daddy [people:] Preach Preach brother preach [Ja:] My mommas only child street raising [people:] We feel you [Ja:] I feel funny [people:] Its alright let it out man [Ja:] You know ya’ll ya’ll