Israel criticized the words of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Melnyk about Bandera

Melnyk called the Ukrainian nationalist leader a “freedom fighter”. The Israeli embassy in Germany announced an insult to the memory of the victims of Bandera and a distortion of historical facts jpg” alt=”The words of Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Melnyk about Bandera were criticized in Israel” /> Andriy Melnyk Statements of Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany

Turkey and Israel decided to raise the level of diplomatic relations to ambassadors

Since 2018, there have been no ambassadors in the two countries, since Ankara and Tel Aviv then diverged in their assessment of events in the Gaza Strip. Erdogan called Israel a terrorist state, Netanyahu accused the Turkish leader of supporting Hamas alt=”Turkey and Israel decided to raise the level of diplomatic relations to ambassadors” />

Netanyahu announced his intention to lead the new government of Israel

On June 20, Israeli Prime Minister Bennett announced an agreement to dissolve parliament in a week. Former Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed confidence that he will be able to form and lead a new government Former Israeli Prime Minister, leader of the opposition Likud party Benjamin Netanyahu, after reports of the upcoming dissolution of the Knesset

What kind of “looking through the walls” radar developed in Israel?

In Israel, they have developed a radar for searching for objects behind the walls — system called Xaver 1000. It is intended for intelligence units, rescuers and law enforcement agencies. The radar received an artificial intelligence-based target tracking algorithm and a system for visualizing objects behind obstacles. Xaver 1000 can recognize the pose of a person

US to allocate $1 billion to Israel to strengthen Iron Dome missile defense system

Biden will visit Israel in mid-July. During the trip, he will also visit the Iron Dome air defense systems The United States plans to allocate about $1 billion to complete the Iron Dome missile defense system (ABM) after the escalation of the conflict with Gaza in May 2021. This, according to The Times of Israel,

Ukraine wanted to buy the “Iron Dome” from Israel

Photo: The Jerusalem Post writes that Ukraine is interested in acquiring the Iron Dome air defense system, which Israel uses to repel air attacks. The publication says that Ukrainian Ambassador Yevhen Korniychuk announced Kyiv's plans. At the same time, the diplomat accused the Israeli authorities of the lack of assistance, blocking the supply of

The Ambassador of Ukraine announced the desire of Kyiv to buy the “Iron Dome” from Israel

Yevgeny Korniychuk said that Ukraine needs Israel's military-technical assistance, in particular, the sale of the Iron Dome missile defense system. However, Jerusalem Post sources believe that this is unlikely to happen The work of the “Iron Dome” to intercept missiles fired from the Gaza Strip Ukraine wants to buy Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system,

Lavrov announced progress in the transfer of Russian farmstead in Israel

According to Lavrov, Russia will resolve the transfer of the Alexander Compound “in the foreseeable future” and will not wait until “Dynamo wins the Russian Cup” The roof of the Alexander farmstead in the Old City of Jerusalem Progress on the transfer of the Alexander Compound to Russia is evident, the Israeli authorities are showing

Axios learned about Israel’s ban on deliveries of Spike missiles to Ukraine

These missiles are manufactured in Germany under an Israeli license, and Tel Aviv must give permission for Spike supplies to third countries, in particular, Ukraine. Israel asked the United States about this, but was refused learned about Israel's ban on supplying Ukraine with Spike missiles” /> Tel Aviv, in response to a request from Washington,

Israel says Putin apologizes for Lavrov’s words about Jews

Lavrov had previously stated that “the most ardent anti-Semites are, as a rule, Jews” and Hitler had Jewish blood. The Israeli authorities demanded an apology. In a telephone conversation, Putin, according to Bennett's office, made these apologies alt=”Israel reported that Putin apologized for Lavrov's words about the Jews” /> Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin,

Kudrin announced another trip to Israel to “stop rumors”

The head of the Accounts Chamber will again go to Israel for pre-scheduled medical consultations, and in May he will speak in the State Duma. Kudrin said that he was announcing this in order to “stop rumors before they appear” .jpg” alt=”Kudrin announced another trip to Israel to “stop rumors”” /> Alexey Kudrin Head of

Israel urged its citizens “as soon as possible” to leave Transnistria

Screenshot The Israeli Foreign Ministry “strongly recommends” the citizens of this country to leave Transnistria “as soon as possible”. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Yoel Lion posted such an appeal on his Twitter page. The Foreign Ministry, in its statement, speaks of the “deterioration of the security situation

Israel, Palestine and endless “friendship”. Excursion for “dummies” from Russia

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik Against the backdrop of a special military operation to protect the DPR and LPR, a fair number of representatives of Russian bohemians and businessmen, whose views on the world differed from those of the majority of Russians, decided to move to Israel. Again boils… The apotheosis of this outcome

Clashes in Jerusalem bring Hamas and Israel to the brink of war

The security of the Jewish state is also threatened by local radicals Not even a year has passed since the Israeli military operation “Guardian of the Walls”, and in the military command of the Jewish state, judging by the local press, they do not exclude her second round. The reason is the increase in the

Named the reasons for the activation of terrorists in Israel

Extremists want to increase tension during the holidays of the three religions Another terrorist attack in recent weeks has been committed in Israel. On Thursday evening in Tel Aviv, two people were shot dead by attackers on a busy street in Tel Aviv, and several more were injured. The Middle Eastern country has not experienced

Zelensky asked Israel to mediate in negotiations with Russia

An Israeli radio station, citing sources, said that Vladimir Zelensky spoke with Naftali Bennett and asked him to mediate in ceasefire negotiations with Russia Ukraine asked Israel to mediate in ceasefire negotiations with Russia, Israeli radio station REKA reports, citing Israeli and Ukrainian sources. According to them, President Volodymyr Zelensky, during a conversation on Friday,

Israel is developing a secret plan to evacuate Jews from Ukraine

Israelis returning from Ukraine will be exempted from taking a test for COVID-19 The Israeli authorities have begun the evacuation of their citizens from the territory of Ukraine due to tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The planned operation includes not only the return of people to their homeland, but also the provision of temporary housing

Syrian Foreign Ministry threatens to use all legal means against Israel

Photo: The press service of the SAR Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Syria can take all legal means to respond to Israeli military strikes on the territory of the country. “The Syrian authorities strongly condemn the cowardly Israeli aggression committed at dawn against the SAR. The strikes by the Israeli military are a

Israel strikes Syrian air defense systems

Photo: The Israeli army reported a strike on Syrian air defense systems in response to an anti-aircraft missile launch. It is specified that earlier in the city of Umm al-Fahm, which is located in the West Bank, an air raid alarm went off. The reason was the launch of an anti-aircraft missile from Syria.

Breaking Defense learned about Israel’s ban on arms supplies to Ukraine

Breaking Defense: Israel banned the Baltic countries from supplying their weapons to Ukraine Ukraine was going to receive Spike anti-tank systems developed in Israel. They are in service with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. However, Tel Aviv has banned the supply of its weapons through other states “Breaking Defense learned about Israel's ban on the supply

Israel offers Lebanese army aid

Israel offered the Lebanese army the necessary assistance against the backdrop of an acute economic crisis in the country, which only makes Hezbollah stronger. 5,000 troops have recently left the army amid the crisis, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, according to local media. Israel may also be concerned about Lebanon's interaction with Hezbollah. In

Israel says it will start using a laser air defense system within a year

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that within a year, the IDF will begin using a laser air defense system capable of hitting UAVs, jet projectiles and other threats. Primary tests will be held in the south of the country on the border with the Gaza Strip. The type of product is not specified, but

The number of Christians in Israel is counted

About 182 thousand Christians live in Israel, which is 1.9% of the total population of the country, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel, published on the eve of the celebration of Christmas. As follows from the published data, 76.7% of Israeli Christians are Arabs, the rest are mainly family members

Israel and Britain oppose the development of nuclear weapons in Iran

Photo: The Foreign Ministers of Britain and Israel announced that they will work” round the clock “to prevent Iran become a nuclear power. Earlier, Liz Truss and Yair Lapid wrote a joint article for the British press, in which they talked about the Iranian nuclear program. The material was published in the Telegraph newspaper.

Russia and Israel to create a working group to combat COVID-19

The Israeli and Russian sides held talks in Moscow. They discussed coronavirus strains and vaccinations, and also agreed to create a working group on COVID-19 epidemiology Russian Rospotrebnadzor and the Israeli Ministry of Health will create a special working group to more effectively counter coronavirus, Rospotrebnadzor said in a statement . “ Given the large

Y Do I Release Debut Album ‘I Know’

Y Do I Release Debut Album ‘I Know’ By Akshay Bhanawat – September 10, 2021 0 22 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp ‘I Know’ – the full-length debut album from burgeoning Israeli production duo Y do I – is out now via Area Verde. Following a slew of critically-acclaimed EP and single releases on the likes

Rihanna Gets Surprised Backlash Over Her Statement On Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

Rihanna is facing backlash after her seemingly neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Weeks of tension between Israel and Palestine have erupted into what the United Nations has framed as a potential “all-out war” as airstrikes have begun to befall the lives of innocent people. The highly controversial political warfare has brought many voices to

DGTL Launch 2021 Series With DGTL Tel Aviv Event

DGTL Launch 2021 Series With DGTL Tel Aviv Event By Akshay Bhanawat – May 6, 2021 0 5 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp As the world begins to open up, Israel’s music community welcomes back global festival giant DGTL for the country’s most successful electronic festival, DGTL TEL AVIV. Tickets for the hotly anticipated September 21st