Ricco Barrino – Let’s Dance Lyrics

Verse: Im……. Fresher than Steve Harvey Pull up in that foreign Italia red Ferrari Diamonds dancin on me As Im stepping up in the party See every girl choosin’ While they man just be hatin’ on me I’m sorry The VIP is lit (oooh) on 100 We smokin on that good (ooooh) Damn its cloudy

Lady Gaga – Filthy Pop (Demo 2) Lyrics

[Intro] Spin that shit now Spin that shit now Filthy, you’re so filthy [Verse 1] Hello, Mr. Radio Got our pink lights, and a funny, money retro sound, sound Spin that shit Spin it ’cause it’s fabulous Dance, Mr. Radio nerd How ’bout we trade them speakers for these new Jimmy Choo sneakers? What do

Vybz Kartel – Yabba Dabba Doo Lyrics

[Intro] Hold on… Hey gyal, a so the bleach make face look old?… And you a just 35 years old? Weh the young gyal dem deh, weh bleaching fit you? Make your bumpa roll [Hook] Everything you do a gyal a follow-follow you She inna Jimmy Lie, that a couldn’t Jimmy Choo When you see

B.o.B – Tweakin (feat. London Jae & Young Dro)

[Intro: London Jae] Tweakin’, haha [Chorus: London Jae] I been spazzin’, spazzin’, spazzin’ I been tweakin’, tweakin’, tweakin’ I can’t stand up, stand up, stand up I been geekin’, geekin’, geekin’ Spazzin’, tweakin’ Spazzin’, geekin’ I been tweakin’ I been tweakin’ I been spazzin’, spazzin’, spazzin’ I been tweakin’, tweakin’, tweakin’ I can’t stand up,

Jealousy – Disciples lyrics

Lyrics Disciples – Jealousy I see her getting dressed Put on her freakum dress Painting on them red lips Tease them with that lipstick She gon’ turn some heads Wearing my favorite shoes Them bang bang Jimmy Choo’s And I can feel the pressure, chemical reaction in me.(jealousy) I got this jealousy It’s taken over

Taylor Girlz – Steal Her Man (feat. Trinity Taylor)

My hair like to swing [Hook 3x] Ya! Aye! Pop it Pop it Pop it Pop it Ya! Aye! Left foot, Right foot Ya! Aye! Don’t fall! Sleep! Ya! Aye! Steal her man! Steal her man! [Verse 1] Backpack girl wanna fight? That’s a clapback Boy, last night was a flashback Look at my back