Rowdy Rebel – Jesse Owens Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Rowdy Rebel] Uh, haha, yes, grr, haha, woah Ah, boom, ah-ah, ha, come on, boom, ayy Ayo, NAV, what’s up, bro? Backed in my zone And, yeah, I’ll put some more nigga shit, ah-ah-ah (Gang, brr, huh?) [Chorus: Rowdy Rebel] Back in my zone and I’m focused (Uh-huh) Please don’t start

Zaytoven – Ocean Face Lyrics (feat. Bankroll Fresh)

[Chorus: Bankroll Fresh] Grind like no other, shine like no other Came back to back, got 2 bitches like no other This a 1 on 1 watch, nigga it ain't no other I'm a 1 on 1 nigga, I ain't no other Ride like no other, shine like no other Bitch I'm in the trap, I'm selling dimes like no other Hustle like no

21 Savage – Money Convo (Issa Album)

[Verse 1] Peon ass niggas Levis and Adidas ass niggas High point having ass niggas I got a Glock and it don’t jam, I blast niggas You a lovey dovey buy a ring nigga I’m the type to pass her to the team, nigga You went and bought that bitch Céline, nigga? Now she fuckin’

Okay – Sandzo feat. Nimo songtexte

Songtexte Sandzo – Okay Du machst ‘ne Mio, is’ ok, Koka mit Kilos is’ ok Herrscher aus Rio is’ ok, Banditen Amigo is’ ok ok, ok (ok, ok, ok) Roli am Arm is’ ok, Zwei Mille die Nacht is’ ok Vetements Pulli is’ ok, deine Bitch is’ nackt eh ok Carlo Colucci, geladene Uzi, Gold

Jimmy Wopo – Back Door (feat. Sonny Digital)

[Verse 1: Jimmy Wopo] Skinny nigga, but I play with them choppers nigga What’s the haps? What’s popping nigga? You gonna meet your match, keep talking nigga You gonna meet that MAC, we’re talking with ya We gonna bust these bullets ’till your body give up Try me in the mall I pull a hottie