Peaceful plans for genocide. The story of how the US and NATO did not threaten Russia

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik Western leaders have launched a series of statements that boil down to one — there is no threat to Russia's security from representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance. “NATO is not looking for a conflict with Russia” “NATO is not looking for a conflict with Russia”, — announced Alliance

Resignation feet first. The first persons of states who died in office

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik The death of the head of state in office was perceived differently in different eras. During the heyday of the institution of the monarchy, there was almost no other option — this destiny was considered as sent down from above, and, therefore, it did not provide for retirement. From

Hunters and prey. Why did they not want to accept the USSR and Russia into NATO?

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik Relationships between our country and the West have rarely been characterized by calmness and mutual understanding. As a rule, people began to understand us only when the “civilized world” would be interested in us taking on some of their problems. A knife in the back to the victor of

Tanks against fairy tales. Three religious myths about the Great Patriotic War

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik Relations between the Soviet government and the church were contradictory at different times: from an attempt at complete suppression in the first years after the October Revolution to fairly close cooperation in the late USSR using the connections of the Russian Orthodox Church in the world. “There will be

“Typical teenage bullshit.” D. Puchkov (Goblin) – about youth values

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 03. Either a bus, or a vision. When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and villages? 01/19/2022 Recently, a 19-year-old student who relieved himself at a stand with a portrait of a war veteran received 4 years in prison. The prosecutor's office of Naberezhnye Chelny decided to conduct

Protomartyr – A Private Understanding Lyrics

[Verse 1] Not by my own hand Automatic writing by phantom limb Not with my own voice Pleurisy made to stand on two legs That’s how I bar my door In this age of blasting trumpets Paradise for fools Infinite wrath In the lowest deep a lower depth I don’t want to hear those vile