Trippie Redd – Betrayal Lyrics (feat. Drake)

[Intro] Hit it (Hit it) (PinkGrillz) [Chorus: Trippie Redd] Paper planes (Paper planes), Novocaine (Novocaine) Mary Jane (Yeah) Say one thing to me, you Texa’s toast, no Raising Cane’s I can’t lie, life’s good, man, I can’t complain (Yeah) Walkin’ through the hood undoubtedly without a stain Hopped off the porch, I’m a prodigy, they

Penx – Fatality Lyrics

[Bridge] Four, three, two, one… Fight! [Zwrotka 1] Podobno muszę przetrwać, być jak Liu Kang tu Wkurwia mnie ten rap wokół, sama pedałówa, spójrz Jestem z bloku, bronię swego zdania, sorry, więc Póki mieszkam tu, serce bije w klatce; Johnny Cage Nie mam ksywy na klacie, to dla mnie niezły bezsens Nie muszę patrzeć na

Kekra – Wing Chun Lyrics

[Refrain] Pas besoin d’vous tant qu’on f**k tout Pas besoin d’vous tant qu’on f**k f**k tout Pas besoin d’vous pour les rendre fou Pas besoin d’vous tant qu’on smoke, ouf Flow Wing Chun comme le Kung Fu Position, j’prenais dans l’four Pas besoin d’vous pour les rendre fou Pas besoin d’vous tant qu’on smoke smoke,

Trippie Redd – Can You Rap Like Me? Lyrics

[Intro] Remember, there’s always tomorrow P. Soul on the track [Chorus] Ah, ayy, ah, ayy, ah Can you rap like me? Huh Ah, ayy, ah, ayy, ah [Verse] I gotta get my fresh paper, boy optimistic, inflicted the premonition My vision a place I visit while lifted Moolah, I get it, get it, the life

Drakeo The Ruler – Ion Rap Beef Lyrics (feat. 03 Greedo)

[Intro: Drakeo the Ruler] Nigga stop playin’, I just left Hsu Yun I don’t rap beef, I just know TECs and drums And you ain’t do it right if no detectives come And I brought kate into the booth, ain’t got no extra tie You can say my wrist broke but my neck is fire

Logic – OCD Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Dwn2Earth] In the field ballin’ with the team (With the team) Oh, yeah In the field ballin’ with the team OCD ’cause I’m ridin’ so clean Old school whips, seein’ new things Rollin’ up, got a few flamed New Prada shoes, no shoestrings Closet full of kicks like Liu Kang We was just dreamers Smokin’

Young Thug – Now Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Yea, Thugger, 21 Let’s get it Hold on, hold on, hold on [Chorus: Young Thug] Used to be dead down (broke), hop out the jet now (the jet) We don’t play radio, Funkmaster Flex, now (flex) I just got a new foreign, ’bout to go park the ‘Vette now (facts) And I

Chief Keef – Milk Me (The W Mixtape)

[Chorus] Seize the parking lot its Mayday(day,day) Folk nem riding with my AK, (AK, AK) Bullets coming out like hair spray (spray, spray) Fuck these niggas cause they super, super fake (fake) Kick it with your bitch like I’m Liu Kang [?] I’mma count this counter like stil, still, stee, stee! Man i swear the

Tech N9ne – Shoe Game (feat. Krizz Kaliko & Mackenzie Nicole) (Dominion Deluxe Version Album)

[Intro: Krizz Kaliko & Mackenzie Nicole] Yeah Kali baby on the left side, baby on the right side (Yeah) Yeah (Cold World) Baby girl on the left side, baby on the right side (Yeah) [Verse 1: Mackenzie Nicole] This year is mine get your hand off the pie I’m a good girl and I’m never

Same thang – Migos feat. John Wic lyrics

Lyrics Migos – Same thang All my niggas workin’ Trappin’, cappin, servin’ Ballin’, James Worthy Geekin’ off a perky Up early, trappin’ real early Cup real dirty, whatcha workin’? Migos having birdies I don’t know ya, I ain’t servin’ Got your main dame slurpin’ All my damn chains bling Cookie kickin’, Liu Kang Bruce Lee,

B.o.B – King Tut (Elements Album)

[Hook] Let’s be honest I wake up in the morning get shit jumping She gon’ get that D with my thumb in No Benihana just top ramen I feel like King Tutankhamun [Verse 1] Uh, pay your homage Bobby Ray the shaman Namaste, or something conscious, I promise Saw this day was coming Like a