Jackboy – How I’m Livin Lyrics

[Verse] One thing bout me, imma always go and get it I’m always chasing digits, headfirst bout these benji’s Ain’t tripping over no bitches, too concerned about these riches Playing football in them ditches, had me dreaming about them millions But ended up with a sentence, before I was 14 I was a felon I

7a3 – That’s How We’re Livin’ Lyrics

7A3That’s How We’re Livin’ Lyrics [ VERSE 1: Bret E.B. ] Saw the homeboys from the days of delirium ’89 Benzes, guess who’s steerin em? Hop into the ride, cold coolin with the crew They’re puffin on the cheeba and guzzlin the brew Doin 120 in the car lane Girl in every lap, cause that’s