Hd4president – Touch Down 2 Cause Hell Lyrics

[Intro] Baow, baow, baow Nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah (Lil’ Trebble made the beat, he only had to play it once) [Verse 1] I say hold up Shawty smokin’ zaza out the pack, I told her roll up Niggas muggin’ stupid, lookin’ crazy like they know us You ain’t got no money, plus

Young Stoner Life & Young Thug – Mack Truck Lyrics (feat. Jim Jones)

[Intro: Jim Jones] Uh, ByrdGang Birds still fly high Is you vampin’ or you campin’? (Veor) Just like them bricks we was stampin’, gettin’ rich, bitch (Capo) [Verse 1: Jim Jones] Car drive itself so I don’t need a chauffeur (Skrrt) F and N in my belt so I don’t need a holster (See that?)

Young Stoner Life & Young Thug – Mack Truck Lyrics

[Intro: Jim Jones] Uh, Bird Gang Birds still fly high Is you vampin’ or you campin? Just like them bricks we was stampin’, gettin’ rich, bitch (Capo) [Verse 1: Jim Jones] Car drive itself so I don’t need a chauffeur (Skrrt) F and N in my belt so I don’t need a holster (See that?)

Lil Durk, King Von & Booka600 – Out the Roof Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil Durk] I hang wit’ murderers I hang wit’ I hang wit’, ayy, bitch And I hang with murderers for sure [?] (TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it) [Verse 1: Booka600 & Lil Durk] We done put some cash on their head, foe and ’em like, “Where to shoot?” (Let’s get it,

Rowdy Rebel – Jesse Owens Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Rowdy Rebel] Uh, haha, yes, grr, haha, woah Ah, boom, ah-ah, ha, come on, boom, ayy Ayo, NAV, what’s up, bro? Backed in my zone And, yeah, I’ll put some more nigga shit, ah-ah-ah (Gang, brr, huh?) [Chorus: Rowdy Rebel] Back in my zone and I’m focused (Uh-huh) Please don’t start

Lil’ Kim – Street Dreams Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil’ Kim & The Notorious B.I.G.] Got it going on, what, what? Uh, what, what? They got it going on, what, what? Yeah, uh, what, what? (Uh) [Verse 1: Lil’ Kim & The Notorious B.I.G.] I’m momma, Miss Ivanna Usually rock the Prada, sometimes Gabbana You’re 9-0, my guns is Valentino MAC wavin’, “Queen Bitch”

Quilly – Who Gon Stop Us Lyrics (feat. Pnb Rock)

[Intro: Quilly] Feel good, don’t nobody touch the heat either [Verse 1: Quilly] When it really come down to it You don’t really wanna go through it I’ll put a check on your head, I’ll tell my shooter “just do it” You don’t wanna beef; 5 Guys Put some Chicken on your head; Popeyes What’s

Jaden – Chateau Lyrics (feat. A$AP Rocky)

[Intro: A$AP Rocky] Oh, oh, hahaha Oh shit, “Gang gang in this b***h” [Pre-Chorus: A$AP Rocky & Jaden] They smoking the gas now (Yeah), I done caught contact (Yeah) My iPhone is smashed now (Oh), I got new contacts (Oh) Itchy, my eyes I’ma scratch now like I need new contacts Put my bros on

J Hus – Play Play Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Burna Boy] I know you’re in love Cah mi have di MAC with di extension And mi have di money fi ya extensions Cah mi like your hair longer than my gun, ooh-ooh-ooh Know we have di guns and girls, haffi keep di balance And up in my world, we nuh sleep enuh, man Anytime

Drakeo The Ruler – Shanaynay Lyrics (feat. Skeme)

[Intro: Drakeo the Ruler] Sheesh I guess this make number two, huh Damn Duse makin’ slaps, true [Verse 1: Drakeo the Ruler] Ugh, shit I guess that’s me, huh Got Metro Boomin in the back tryna rip all my seats out Ugh, now tell me what that beef ’bout Find your brains in the street,

Drakeo The Ruler – Eye Busser Lyrics (feat. Yatta)

[Verse 1: Drakeo the Ruler] Ugh, bitch we back up on that shit again Don’t run up on the Stinc Team, somebody gon’ get hit again Drakeo what that mean, I’m with all eye bussers My young nigga wildin’, he got all eye bussers Shit, I’m a lunatic Don’t snake me out my dough, we

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Rich As Hell Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] 17 D-Roc [Chorus] I gotta bring it Any time and however you want it Late at night and I can’t sleep I’m staying up, I’m tossing, turning That’s them bodies from my temper creeping on me That’s from me cuttin’ ’em off and being home all by my lonely Bricks and bales I prefer that

NAV – Addicted to the Fast Life Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I’m addicted to the fast life I was broke, now that’s my past life [Pre-Chorus] I got a diamond necklace, diamond bracelet (Yeah) Bad bitch, ass done, fake lips, fake tits She told me, “Slow down”, ‘Rarri speed-racing (Yeah) It’s time to glow now, no more being patient [Chorus] I’m addicted to the fast life

Lil Uzi Vert – R.I.P. Chico Lyrics

Play this song [Refrain: Lil Uzi Vert] What’s up with your homie? (What’s up?) I can’t fuck with him (Yeah) Them lil’ bitches know me (No) Oh, not you again (Whoa) I can’t pull up four deep Need room for your friends (Ayy) [Pre-Chorus: Lil Uzi Vert] I got all types of guns My block like Pakistan‚ we got

Future – Talk Shit Like a Preacher Lyrics

[Intro] I’m lovin’ it Yeah Tell you some shit, I’ma tell you some shit Yeah (Check this out, check this out right here, okay, okay) Word ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob [Chorus] I designered my sneakers, yeah I done fucked my teacher Talk shit like a preacher (Talk) On the corner with a beeper (On the

Shoreline Mafia – Moving Work Lyrics

[Verse 1: Fenix Flexin] I make money, break money, can’t no nigga take from me Boy, you broke, all my niggas stay stuntin’ I’m with Rob Vicious, we’re not chasin’ no bitches We been chasin’ the chicken, my niggas run up the digits We everything that you isn’t, my niggas handle they business We not

Lil Yachty – I’m the Mac Lyrics

[Intro] DN, DN, DN Dropped out of school, that shit was for the pussies Rockin’ ice, that shit, that got me pussy Ooh, niggas tryna overlook me Say what you want, just don’t push me (Uh) [Chorus] I’m the mack, I’m the mack Minor setbacks for major comebacks, yeah (Ooh) I’m the mack, I’m the

6ix9ine – BREAKIN IT DOWN Lyrics

[Hook: 6ix9ine & Hudson Flo] I’m breaking it down (stupid!) A scam, I heard that boy running around with the packs So I’m taking him down (yeah) Oh my gosh, they live by the cold (you fucking dummy) You know we ain’t making a sound (what) You thinking about playing around with my respect I’m

Lil Pump – Multi Millionaire lyrics

[Intro: Lil Pump] Oh Lil pump, yeah What’s up? How’d it go last week? Eh, eh, uhm How’s your man now? Yeah, Huh (Huh) Danny I See You [Chorus: Lil Pump] Oh, oh Multi-millionaire, aire Multi-millionaire (oh) If you rich put your bust down in the air (bust down) Multi-millionaire (yeah) Multi-millionaire (oh) I just

2Pac – Why U Turn On Me (Original) Lyrics

[Intro] Ahaha niggas love turning this shit ol’ switcheroo-ass, bitch made motherfuckers, just be friends Outlaw nigga, Westside, throw it up, get it up (never thought it would come through) Hahaha.. used to had love for ’em, why you turnin’ on me? Why me? Yeah nigga westside, how you do it boy? [Verse 1] I

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Snitch Lyrics

[Intro] Ooh, you a fool for this one Yeah, this for them thug niggas, you heard me? (Oh) We all got them trials and tribulations (slatt) We all got a lotta niggas hatin’ But you know we gotta capitalize off that shit You hear me? (Slatt, slatt, slatt, slatt) Bitch I really be rappin’, all