Key! & Reese Laflare -Mike-N-Ike (Been Had Boyz Mixtape)

[Hook: Key!] Aye, uh, aye, how that make you feel? Aye, uh, aye, do you like it? Aye, aye, pull up at the light, I’ma leave him at the light Ooh aye uh aye, come alive in the night Ooh aye, ooh huh, I think I’m Michael Knight Ooh aye, ain’t shit sweet, ain’t no

Isa Muhammad – Chemtrails & Muslim Wars Remix (feat. Rick Ross & Talib Kweli) (Priorities 5 Album) letras

[Intro: Isa Muhammad] I come from a time where it is about like bars nigga, where it’s about like lyrics nigga, where it’s about like saying some shit nigga, some deep shit nigga, some shit about black people my nigga. You shit about, you know, some some some esoteric spiritual type shit, some shit that