FT learned of Turkey’s blocking of negotiations on Sweden and Finland in NATO

Ankara prevented the consideration of the applications of the two countries to join the alliance. Erdogan said earlier that Turkey will not approve the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO due to sanctions and the lack of a clear position towards the Kurds Turkey blocked the start of negotiations in NATO on joining the

Austrian Chancellor called the question of the country’s membership in NATO irrelevant

Chancellor Karl Nehammer said he understands the desire of Sweden and Finland to join NATO, but in the case of Austria this is out of the question. According to the country's defense minister, “neutrality is in the heart of the Austrians” Karl Nehammer Austria's accession to NATO is not on the agenda, Chancellor Karl Nehammer

Bloomberg learned about Turkey’s demands for the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO

Ankara demands a return to the F-35 pilot training program, the lifting of sanctions for the purchase of Russian C-400s, as well as public condemnation by Sweden and Finland of the PKK banned in Turkey For approving the inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO Turkey demands, among other things, the return to the F-35

Why Hungary and Turkey interfere with the plans of the European Union and NATO

And will the two countries be able to achieve the cancellation of the initiatives criticized by Moscow The special positions of Hungary and Turkey hinder the efforts of the EU and NATO in their confrontation with Russia. What is the reason, does Budapest and Ankara have a desire to take into account the position of

WP learns of disagreements in NATO in connection with the presence in Eastern Europe

According to the publication, the Baltic countries and Poland demand the deployment of large NATO forces on their territories. At the same time, a number of European countries believe that this is too costly and will weaken their military potential in other parts of the world Countries — members of the North Atlantic alliance cannot

Sweden and Finland apply to join NATO

The ambassadors of Sweden and Finland applied for these countries to join NATO. Putin said that their entry into the alliance would not pose a threat to Russia, but it would respond if the military infrastructure in these territories was expanded. . Now applications for membership must be considered by the Council of the North

The political scientist assessed the chances of deploying NATO infrastructure in Sweden and Finland

The bloc's activities on their territory may be restricted In mid-May, Sweden and Finland officially announced their intentions to join the North Atlantic Alliance, although both countries had maintained a neutral status for many years. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the entry of these countries into NATO does not pose a threat to Russia,

Finnish parliament approves country’s accession to NATO

188 deputies out of 200 expressed their support for membership in the alliance. The counterproposal to refuse to join NATO was put forward in the Union of Left Forces, but it was not supported The Finnish Parliament called for an application for NATO membership. 188 deputies voted out of 200, eight— against, three were missing,

The Foreign Ministry refused to “please the West” by withdrawing from the act with NATO

Moscow will not withdraw from the Russia-NATO founding act, despite the “provocative fuss” of the alliance countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said. In his opinion, this document is treated with disdain in the West View of the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Moscow is not going to abandon the founding act Russia—

Erdogan ruled out the possibility of saying “yes” to Finland and Sweden in NATO

Erdogan: Turkey will not agree to approve the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO Turkey's position on the entry of Sweden and Finland is connected with their lack of an “unambiguous position” towards the Kurds, whom Ankara considers terrorists. In these countries, in addition to them, members of the movement (FETO) live “Erdogan ruled

How will the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO affect the situation in Ukraine?

Russia promises to respond to the official steps taken by Sweden and Finland to join NATO. However, Moscow does not intend to do this immediately, but after assessing the threats that have arisen as a result of almost doubling its borders with the alliance When Finland and Sweden join NATO Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson

Secretary General urged to take into account Turkey’s concerns about Finland and Sweden in NATO

Jens Stoltenberg believes that countries should be together “at this historic moment” and that it will be possible to reach a consensus. Finland and Sweden decided to apply to NATO. Ankara refused to support the membership of these countries NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged to take into account Turkey's concerns about the membership of

The Kremlin saw a reason for analysis in the situation with Sweden, Finland and NATO

Dmitry Peskov: Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO is a reason for a very deep analysis According to Peskov, Moscow will analyze the current events, but is already convinced that NATO expansion will not strengthen Europe's security https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/8/58/756526957084588.jpg” alt=”The Kremlin saw a reason for analysis in the situation with Sweden, Finland and NATO” /> Dmitry

Peskov called the differences between Ukraine and Sweden with Finland in NATO

Russia has no territorial disputes with Finland and Sweden. If Ukraine became a member of NATO, then Moscow would have a territorial dispute, which carries huge, huge risks for the entire continent, Peskov explained Dmitry Peskov Possible entry of Ukraine into NATO could lead to territorial dispute between Russia and a state that is part

Putin said that the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO does not pose a threat

At the same time, the President stressed that the expansion of military infrastructure in the Scandinavian countries “will certainly cause our response” Video Russia has no problems with Finland and Sweden, their entry into NATO does not pose an immediate threat, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the CSTO summit. But the expansion of military

CSTO leaders declared their readiness to establish cooperation with NATO

At the same time, the CSTO leaders stressed that they were concerned about the situation at the external borders and expressed their readiness to ensure the security of the borders During the meeting of the leaders of the CSTO member states in Moscow The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is ready to establish practical cooperation

Swedish government announces decision to apply for NATO membership

Sweden's intention to apply for NATO membership was announced yesterday by the ruling Social Democratic Party (S/SAP). According to the country's prime minister, the government's decision is “a sign of strength in a difficult time for Sweden” Magdalena Andersson Sweden will soon apply for membership in the North Atlantic Alliance, the government has decided to

The President of Finland called cold-blooded conversation with Putin about NATO

Finnish President Niinistö: conversation with Putin was calm and cool Putin was “surprisingly calm” about the conversation with Niinistö about Finland's prospects in NATO, the president said. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow would take steps of a “military-technical nature” jpg” alt=”President of Finland called cold-blooded conversation with Putin about NATO” /> Sauli

Sweden followed Finland in joining NATO

If approved, Stockholm intends to achieve non-deployment of nuclear weapons and permanent bases of the alliance in the country, the ruling party of Sweden said. The leaders of other parties approved the submission of an application to NATO Finland decided to join NATO” /> Sweden has officially decided to apply to join NATO, the ruling

The United States announced the reflection of the deterrence of “aggression” of Russia in the NATO concept

The US Secretary of State warned that NATO's updated strategic concept would reflect a policy of deterring “any aggression” from Russia. Bloomberg wrote that the alliance could call Moscow's actions a direct threat in the document Anthony Blinken The new strategic concept of NATO will fully reflect the deterrence of any manifestation of “aggression”; Russia,

Sweden says NATO membership is not directed against Russia

Sweden, following Finland, announced that it intends to join NATO. The Cabinet of Ministers of the country stated that this decision is the best for the security of Sweden, it is not directed against Russia Magdalena Andersson Swedish's decision to apply for NATO membership was made in order to secure the country, told Aftonbladet newspaper

Finland plans to apply for NATO membership on May 18

The Permanent Representative of Finland to NATO in Brussels is likely to apply to join the alliance on Wednesday 18 May. Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto told the Aftonbladet newspaper about this. “For our part, this [application] will be done by the NATO ambassador in Brussels physically, probably on Wednesday. Then, if negotiations with NATO

German Foreign Minister urged to quickly accept Sweden and Finland into NATO

Annalena Burbock emphasized that there should be no “grey zone” between countries applying for NATO membership and their acceptance, the allies should ensure their security after the initiative of Helsinki and Stockholm Annalena Burbock Germany will do everything to speed up the process of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock told reporters

Croatian Foreign Ministry says Turkey is on the right path in NATO issues

Ankara's talks with Finland and Sweden on their entry into NATO are going in the right direction, Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlich-Radman said. Turkey objects to the entry of these northern European countries into the alliance Gordan Grlich-Radman Negotiations between Turkey, Finland and Sweden over Ankara's concern about their desire to join NATO are moving

Finland decides to join NATO

Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that Finland's rejection of the traditional policy of neutrality and the country's entry into NATO would be a mistake, since there are no threats to the security of Helsinki Sanna Marin and Sauli Niinistö The government of Finland has officially decided to join the North Atlantic Alliance ( NATO). This was

Bloomberg learned about the “Russian threat” clause in the new NATO concept

The current concept refers to partnership with Russia. According to Bloomberg, the new document is likely to include a provision on a direct threat from Moscow's actions NATO in the new strategic concept may designate Russia's actions as a direct threat, writes Bloomberg. Brussels' position may change if Moscow changes its behavior, the agency's interlocutor

Turkish Foreign Ministry announced the absence of “bargaining” in the position on Finland in NATO

Cavusoglu called the republic's position clear: Ankara supports the principle of “open doors” in NATO, but cannot ignore information about “support for terrorism” in the Scandinavian countries seeking to join the alliance Mevlut Cavusoglu Turkey's position on Finland's accession to NATO is “very clear”, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, Hurriyet reports. Earlier, President Recep Tayyip

The head of NATO called the new concept of the alliance the basis of the era of rivalry

Jens Stoltenberg called the new concept of NATO the basis of the “epoch of strategic rivalry.” Bloomberg wrote that the document would include a clause on a direct “Russian threat.” The current concept refers to partnership with Russia Jens Stoltenberg NATO's new strategic concept will be the basis for the “era of strategic rivalry”, said

The European Parliament threatened Turkey with isolation due to its position on NATO

There is no objective reason to prevent Finland and Sweden from joining NATO, such actions would be a pretext for isolation in the alliance, Weber warned. Earlier Erdogan called Sweden a “guest house” for terrorists The European Parliament threatened Turkey with isolation due to its position on NATO” /> European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium If

Blinken discussed with Stoltenberg a new strategic concept of NATO

The new concept of the North Atlantic Alliance should be adopted at the summit in Madrid, which will be held from 28 to 30 June. This document will guide the alliance over the next decade discussed NATO's new strategic concept with Stoltenberg” /> U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, during a telephone conversation with NATO