Lil Wayne – In a Cell Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Cut the music up please Man [Verse 1] I’m so fucked up, you have no idea I smoke that La La La, it’s music to my ears All my niggas is wasted, got guns on they waist She don’t use Pro-Active, she put Cum on her face I’m a real nigga first, I’m a bitch

Kodak Black – Misunderstood (Project Baby 2 Album)

[Intro] It’s like fuck it, I’m just misunderstood. That’s the story of my life [Chorus] I don’t like talkin’ to you niggas, y’all don’t understand me Poppin’ rhythm when I talk, it’s like I’m speakin’ Spanish I’m so different from you dudes, I am not organic Say slow down on all that thuggin’, think about