24hrs – Still Free TC Lyrics (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

[Intro: 24hrs] I love the Private Club Eight-five, know if I’m speedin’, I’m in my droptop I been on some get money shit for a long time I just touched a hundred this month I bought what the f*ck I want Dior know me first-name, guess I buy too much I can’t pass the wood

MadeinTYO – Club Close Lyrics

[Intro] Private Club shit Private Club shit 24hrs type shit (ooh) Real nigga type shit (ooh) I love the Private Club (skrrt) [Pre-Hook] I like the dub hoes (ooh) What time the club close? (hey) I like the rose gold (skrr, skrr) We don’t need promo Nigga the world knows (ooh) Nigga your girl know

Cashing Out

Lyrics to ‘Cashing Out’ by MadeinTYO: –Intro– We in New York, you dig Private Club, you dig Of course, you dig Yeah, yeah –Chorus– Cashing out (racks) Smokin’ stank, I’m passin’ out (gas) Niggas hurt, always got my name in they mouth (pause) Watchin’ out (ooh) Watch who you bring in my house (wham) Pullin’

24hrs – Twenty Revenge (12 Am Mixtape) letras

[Intro] It’s 24 hours It’s 12:am Apex a boss (M-m-murda) Apex a boss [Verse 1: 24hrs] I was young and in heaven 24hrs down at Magic They try to count me out I don’t know what that’s about 20 days, 40 reckless 20 boss stuck quick Girlfriend wanna pick Regulate what time you sleep I’m