Renaissance – Communication Lyrics

Maybe he’ll touch me, maybe he won’t Maybe he’s just turning over Feeling the words drying up in my throat Maybe he’s sleeping, maybe he’s not Maybe I whisper I love you Maybe the whisper is all that I’ve got Could this be heaven, could this be hell Lying asleep with a stranger The stranger’s

Mr. Shadow – Serious Lyrics

[Mr. Shadow] Watch out What [E-Dubb] “Sha…” “Dow…” “Lo…” “Co…” –] Mr. Shadow [Mr. Shadow] Shadow up in this bitch (Hell yeah, this is serious) Got my boy Ant Dog in the back (Homeboy, this is serious) Smokin’ caps and mold Gettin’ weeded Please believe it E-Dubb, Javie Lopez (Hell yeah, this is serious) We

Mr. Shadow – Krazy Ass Mexikans Lyrics

[Mr. Shadow] What’s crackin’ Shadow in San with my dog, Bad Boy Javie Lopez track, you know how we do this shit West coast, motherf**ker [Verse 1: Mr. Shadow] Heads turn with concern when I bend the block You motherf**kers don’t learn that I’m burnin’ hot Only G’s on my team always ready to bust

Sam Cooke – Jesus, I’ll Never Forget Lyrics (feat. The Soul Stirrers)

Chorus 1: Oh, Jesus (Jesus I’ll never forget) What you’ve done for me (what you’ve done for me) Jesus I’ll never forget (Jesus I’ll never forget) You set my soul so free (set my soul so free) Jesus I’ll never forget (Jesus I’ll never forget) How you brought me out (how you brought me out)

Dennis Jernigan – I Belong To Jesus Lyrics

Satan goes around like a roaring Lion Seeking whom he may devour But he has been defeated so I’m testifying By the love of Jesus he lost his power… Well Christ was lifted up with my sin upon Him His life and blood came flowing down So hear me I’m declaring Jesus Christ is Lord!

Migos Feat. 21 Savage – “BBO (Bad B*tches Only)” Lyrics

(Chorus: 21 Savage) AP on me, iced out Tennis chains iced out Whole pointers ’round my neck Looking like a lighthouse (shine) Yeah ni**a piped down, choppa make it pipe down Running man running man catch me if you can Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me (bad) Bad b**ches only, bad b**ches on me

Karen West – The Things We Do For Love (With Extra Scenes From “The Woman Hunter” – Spanish Subtitles)

Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea You lay your bets And then you pay the price; the things we do for love Communication is the problem to the answer You’ve got her number and your hand is on the phone The weather’s turned

Omar Cruz – Gangsta Music Lyrics

OMAR CRUZGangsta Music Lyrics Welcome to the west coast, motherf**ker Bomb trees and bomb bitches, ha ha You have no f**king idea, man (Verse 1) Come f**k with a rider The west coast messiah named O. Cruz Ridin’ with them chrome tools, bald-headed all fools A Latin kid bringin’ L.A. back Bringin’ gully back Homie,

Elle Madison – Hater Lemonade Lyrics

ELLE MADISONHater Lemonade Lyrics This ain’t the zeros babe I sing about more then just champagne Yeah, I like to drink but my lyrics ain’t gonna be so weak You lay in the shade Pretending how high your getting paid See ILLUMINATI Pressure I’m calling off wars But all the girls only want fights and

Bramma & King Vegas – Jazmine Lyrics

(Chorus) Hello mama, how are you doing? Hey yow, Jasmine I wanna be your Aladdin Am the magic carpet, how are you doing? Hello, Jasmine waan be your Aladdin (Verse 1) Bumper big suh Batty rider She’s a whiner, clothes a designer Shape like Amber Rose, Black China You vagina nuh big like Sabina Mi

Love Unlimited – Is It Really True, Boy – Is It Really Me? lyrics

Different girls often ask me How much does he care And, oh, I smile and simply tell them His love is mine And they all know it’s true By the way I look at you When you’re standing close to me In love with you I’m falling And my poor heart keeps calling out to

Aldwin Rondina – Battlefield lyrics

Verse 1: Love is a battlefield, You’ll never know when you’re gonna get hit, You’ll never know when you’re gonna get hurt, And you’ll never know when you’re gonna get healed Pre-Chorus 1: So just take cover.. Chorus: And I will brave bullets and use my defenses for you, I promise you I will never

The Spinners – The Rubberband Man lyrics

Hand me down my walkin’ cane Hand me down my hat Hurry now and don’t be late ‘Cause we ain’t got time to chat You and me we’re goin’ out To catch the latest sound Guaranteed to blow your mind So high you won’t come down Chorus: Hey ya’ll prepare yourself for the rubberband man

Sean Paul – Crick Neck ft. Chi Ching Ching Lyrics

(Intro) Yow Sean Paul Yow Chi Ching Da one yah a fi the girls dem Yow Chimney (Verse 1) Come and a talk bout you fitness, fitness, fitness, fitness Man a pull up a you yard like a Jehovah Witness, witness, witness, witness Inna you likkle tight shorts and a show off you thickness, thickness,