Draft. How Queen Elizabeth II “declared war” on the USSR

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik Queen Elizabeth II in our country enjoyed the sympathy of the people. Yes, and she herself, at least publicly, did not demonstrate antipathy towards the Russians. “I could not imagine that one day I would have to fulfill this solemn and terrible duty” less four decades ago, a speech was prepared for

From “discharging” to “rebooting”. How Russia tried to negotiate with the United States

50 years ago, on May 26, 1972, during a visit to Moscow of US President Richard Nixon, the “Fundamentals of Relations between the USSR and USA” were signed. The document has become one of symbols of the “international détente” policy. Since Russian-American relations have been moving like a roller coaster — bright periods gave way to severe crises. Pepsi, vodka, Soyuz-Apollo

Who drowned the greatest of utopias? Roy Medvedev – about the collapse of the USSR

This year will mark the centenary of the USSR (the treaty on its formation came into force on December 30,1922 ). The Soviet Union became not just a new state on the world map, it was a grandiose geopolitical, ideological, social project. What was more in it: pluses or minuses, successes or failures? How did he enrich world history? Why,

Rick Ross – Idols Become Rivals Lyrics

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