Bloomberg learned that in the US they are discussing the “problem of Germany” because of Russia

Bloomberg: US discusses whether Germany is ready to impose tough sanctions on Russia Washington is concerned about whether Germany will be ready to impose tough sanctions on Russia if necessary, including restrictions on Nord Stream 2 The situation around Nord Stream 2 and the expanding influence of Russia could become a reason for disagreement between

Germany and NATO threatened Russia with a “tough reaction” because of Ukraine

Germany and NATO warned Russia about a “tough reaction” in case of aggression against Ukraine Western countries will prepare a tough response in case of growing tension around Ukraine, any aggression against the country “will have a high economic price”, Scholz and Stoltenberg warned Russia will face a “tough reaction” Western countries in the event

US authorities allowed Russia to disconnect from SWIFT

Photo: The US administration does not rule out that Russian banks will be disconnected from the SWIFT system. This may happen in the event of a further escalation of the crisis around Ukraine, said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. According to her, Washington continues to consult with partners on this matter. Psaki added

Mass layoffs of officials predicted in Russia

A third of municipal employees may be left without work Russian officials risk losing their jobs en masse due to the implementation of the new draft law on local self-government (LSG). Photo: Yevgeny Semenov Deputy Minister of Justice Andrey Loginov told Kommersant that by 2028 a third of municipal employees, more than 100, may lose

Europe is preparing Ukraine for a conflict with Russia: but Kiev will fight alone

Western partners do not give Zelensky offensive weapons After a tense – and, in fact, inconclusive – last week of negotiations between Russia and the collective West, European countries are again increasing their activity in the Ukrainian direction . And if such states as Sweden use the conflict in Donbass to justify strengthening their defense,

Borrell rules out preventive sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

Borrell: everyone could benefit from the revision of the European security architecture The EU is ready to take measures in case of “aggression” against Ukraine, but there is no talk of preventive restrictions, the diplomat said. He also did not rule out a revision of the European security architecture, which would be beneficial for everyone

In Britain, they announced the threatening behavior of Russia and gave Ukraine tanks

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace made a statement in Parliament on January 17. According to him, on Today, there are allegedly tens of thousands of Russian servicemen near the border with Ukraine. “Their deployment is not routine, and they are equipped with tanks, armored fighting vehicles, rocket artillery and short-range ballistic missiles,” the representative of

Epidemic thresholds for influenza and SARS exceeded in 46 regions of Russia

The press service of Rospotrebnadzor reported that the epidemic thresholds for the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) and influenza viruses have been exceeded in 46 regions of the country, Interfax reports. “On the territory of the Russian Federation, compared with the previous two weeks, an increase in the incidence of influenza and acute

Why are there no fences in the USA like in Russia?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 01-02. Why did Kazakhstan burst into flames? 12/01/2022 Relatives from the USA are surprised by our fences every time, because they don't build fences in front of their houses across the ocean. Why such a difference? Expert answer 0 + – “In our country, this is a consequence of the

The EU did not receive a letter from Russia for the recognition of COVID-certificates

EU Ambassador: Russia must send letter for recognition of COVID certificates Russia has not sent a letter to the European Union asking for recognition of COVID certificates, said EU Ambassador Ederer. Brussels proposed to start the procedure of mutual recognition of documents last summer In order for the EU to recognize Russian COVID-certificates, Russia needs

British soldiers in Estonia master the winter conditions of a possible conflict with Russia

“Bathing in the hole, building shelters, killing and boiling a chicken” British soldiers based in Estonia to “contain Russia” continue to master “military science” in harsh climatic conditions . Well, as “science”… It's more like a Boy Scout survival course: navigating the terrain, swimming in ice-cold water, cooking chicken killed by one's own hands. Representatives

NYT learned of Russia’s “hints” to deploy nuclear weapons closer to the United States

NYT: Russian diplomats in talks 'hint' about deploying missiles off US coast According to the NYT, in Geneva, Russian officials hinted at a readiness to deploy “certain weapons systems in unspecified locations” off US coasts in case of failure to comply with security guarantees Intercontinental ballistic missile of strategic missile system “Avangard” Russia's representatives, in

Secretary General announced NATO’s readiness to discuss arms reduction with Russia

Stoltenberg: NATO will not withdraw troops from countries that joined the alliance after 1997 At the same time, the bloc is ready to discuss arms reduction with Russia NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance is ready to discuss arms reduction issues with Russia, despite the fact that the parties disagree on key

Ukraine accuses Russia of involvement in cyberattack on ministries’ websites

Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine announced evidence of Russia's involvement in a large-scale cyber attack The department claims that the purpose of cyberattacks is to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and undermine confidence in the authorities 756423317366127.jpg” alt=”Ukraine has accused Russia of involvement in a cyber attack on the websites of ministries” /> Russia

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry revealed a plan to “contain” Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba spoke about working with allies to “contain” Russia The package of containment measures for Russia, which “has set a course for escalation”, includes diplomatic efforts, the development of sanctions and increased defense cooperation between Western countries and Ukraine, the minister said Dmitry Kuleba Last fall, Russia “took a dangerous new course

WSJ learned about the discontent in NATO because of the negotiations between the US and Russia

WSJ: US allies concerned about ideas Washington put forward in talks with Moscow US allies are concerned that Washington has not discussed with them the ideas it put forward in talks with Moscow. In particular, according to the WSJ, we are talking about exercises in Europe and the missile treaty Some countries— US allies remained

In Germany, Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT was compared with an “atomic bomb” for the market

The future head of the CDU: disconnecting Russia from SWIFT will lead to consequences for world trade =”aligncenter” src=”” alt=”The FRG compared Russia's disconnection from SWIFT with an 'atomic bomb' for the market” /> Friedrich Merz Russia's disconnection from the interbank system for transmitting information about payments SWIFT will have negative consequences for the economy—

Time to dig trenches: prepared 18 scenarios for Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Pre-War News of the Week The question is whether Russia and the United States will divide Ukraine or not (Europe is assigned the role of a noisy observer here, who will receive exactly the share of the pie that the elders agree on, and Nobody asks Ukraine at all), last week he stopped standing. Will.

Viruses from Almaty threaten China and Russia

What is behind the attack on the secret US biolab in Kazakhstan At the height of the Kazakh rebellion, on January 9, the American military biological laboratory in Alma-Ata was seized by unknown persons. This information almost drowned in an avalanche of reports of robberies and pogroms in different cities of Kazakhstan. However, it was

Antonov said the situation in Ukraine is not on the agenda of Russia and the United States

Ambassador Antonov: Russia and the United States did not discuss the situation in Ukraine at the talks in Geneva It was only mentioned during the Russia-NATO Council meeting in Brussels as a secondary issue, Ambassador said Russia and the United States did not discuss the situation in Ukraine during the talks in Geneva, Ambassador to

Peskov denied Russia’s involvement in cyberattacks on Ukrainian sites

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with CNN that Russia is not involved in cyber attacks on Ukrainian state websites . Peskov added that the Kremlin is aware of the accusations against Russia, but there are no grounds for them. Earlier, law enforcement agencies of Ukraine stated that

Nuland announced 18 scenarios of sanctions and about the “acute pain” waiting for Russia

Nuland: The US has prepared 18 scenarios of sanctions in the event of a “Russian invasion” of Ukraine According to the Deputy Secretary, the sanctions will be activated “very quickly” in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, she added that Washington is ready to continue the security dialogue The

“Destroyed for sure.” Washington assessed the risks of war with Russia

Against the backdrop of growing tensions in Europe, American experts are trying to understand how the hypothetical armed conflict between Russia and NATO will end. According to the Atlantic Council, which has been advising the White House and the Pentagon for more than half a century, Moscow has serious advantages. The conclusions of the analysts

REvil hacker group liquidated in Russia after US request

The FSB reported on the liquidation of the REvil hacker group after a US request FSB officers detained hackers in five regions of Russia at once and found almost 0.5 billion rubles from them. and currency. Information about the hackers was passed on to the Russian intelligence services by the Americans. Biden called for action

The likely reaction of Russia to the entry of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO is revealed

Already today, NATO from Estonia can reach St. Petersburg with rocket artillery The decision on membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO has already been made. This was announced on Friday in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica by Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He clarified that the problem is only in terms.

Russia’s victory in Kazakhstan: the Russophobe minister changed his shoes

But how much do words mean in politics Since it is now fashionable to talk about “influence” and talk about Russia’s geopolitical moves in the post-Soviet (and not only) space with a thoughtful, knowledgeable air, let’s just look at Kazakhstan. There, Russia saved the regime, and the Russophobe Askar Umarov was immediately appointed to the

Political scientists have proposed exotic methods of answering Russia to the United States

From new bases under the US nose to artificial tsunami near California After the completion of the main negotiations between Russia and the US, NATO and the OSCE, it became clear to everyone that the situation had reached a dead end. As expected, the West did not accept our proposals. The NATO Secretary General hints

Mysteriously disappeared: how the USSR and tsarist Russia hid the deaths of top officials

Two kings and three general secretaries were lost The mysterious disappearance of the ex-leader of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, about whom nothing has been known for many days since the beginning of the unrest in this country, has given rise to Lots of rumors and speculation. Meanwhile, in the history of the Soviet Union and Imperial