Alltta – Holy Toast Lyrics (feat. 20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros)

In people without religion In steeples crowded with pigeons In visions of evil Through the key hole out of the prison Without a decision, fishing, in a father that listens In a tower, around a collar, in Obama’s position For the power, dollars, division, and the honor it’s given In a martyr, in women, in

Jay-Z – Bam (feat. Damian Marley)

[Chorus: Damian Marley and Jay-Z] Now greetings to the world Gangsta nuh live in a tenement yard Rude boy nuh live in a tenement yard Too much watchy, watchy, watchy Too much su, su, su, su, su Them chatty, chatty, chatty Them su, su, su, su, su Fuck all this pretty Shawn Carter shit nigga,

Makaveli & Big L – Deadly Combination (feat. 2Pac)

[Intro: Ron G – echoing at each break] Yes, indeed, it’s the mix king, Ron G I got somethin’ the world ain’t ready for New York City, L.A., Chicago, Atlanta D.C., Detroit, New Orleans Y’all know the deal, Flava!!! [Interlude: 2Pac] Hahahahahaha! Yeah, nigga! Yeah, that’s right! Bay-bayy! That’s how we do it! [Verse 1:

Wale – Brightseat Road Freestyle (Priorities 5 Album) letras

[Intro] Yeah, turn me up some more Uh, yeah, yeah Wale, though All day, though, uh, uh, yeah [Verse 1] My mind thinks at a light speed Give a fuck if you motherfuckers don’t like me I was a young fly nigga in my Supreme When all them OGs was wearin’ them white jeans A