Clean Bandit – I Miss You (Yungen Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Yungen] Yungen Clean Bandit I miss you [Verse 1: Yungen] Yeah, I know that I messed up Can’t bring myself to say you’re my ex, love I got my chest up, but inside im burning They say love is blind, but you opened up my curtains, woah You’re my future, yeah, I’ve been a

Shabazz PBG & Dolan Beats – Package

[Hook: Shabazz PBG] Get em’ in got my own shit, half a Mil on my own bitch And I’m still in the same shit, and I still fuck the same bitch And I still got the same clip, hundred round choppa’ stainless Leave a op nigga brainless, niggas rapping but ain’t saying shit Ten bands