More than 20 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone

The Taiwan Ministry of Defense reports that dozens of Chinese military aircraft enter the air defense zone for the second time in a week. Biden has previously said that Beijing is “playing with fire” and the PRC has promised any measures to prevent separation of Taiwan from the country JH-7 Thursday, June 23, 22 Chinese

Beijing suspected of plotting an invasion of Taiwan

The West was alarmed by the directive signed by Xi Jinping The US government-funded publication Radio Free Asia reported that the Chinese authorities allegedly began preparations for a “non-military” special operation to seize the territory of Taiwan not controlled by Beijing. Photo: Global Look Press A number of politicians and experts were alarmed by the

China threatens to ‘start war’ with Taiwan: red line named

US pledges to support Taiwanese allies, while Japan points to Ukraine China will “start a war” if Taiwan declares independence, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said. The Chinese military chief issued a threat against Taipei at the Shangri-La Dialogue summit in Singapore, while the Japanese prime minister refers to Ukraine by announcing a defense boost.

Chinese Defense Ministry announces readiness to fight for Taiwan

The Chinese military will take any measures to prevent the separation of Taiwan from the country, will protect the territorial integrity, said the Chinese Ministry of Defense Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian The Chinese army will use any means to fight in an attempt to separate Taiwan, the spokesman said Ministry of Defense of

WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of supplies to Ukraine

Taiwan is planned to become like a “porcupine” due to the concentration of weapons and other forms of support from the United States, WP interlocutors told. Previously, Biden said that Washington is ready to defend Taiwan militarily “WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of deliveries to Ukraine” /> The

FT reports talks between the US and Britain on the “Chinese threat” to Taiwan

Washington and London held high-level talks in March on closer cooperation to reduce the likelihood of a war with China over Taiwan. During the meeting, the parties studied emergency action plans for the first time “FT Reports US-UK Talks on 'China Threat' to Taiwan” /> The US and UK held high-level talks in early March

China announces massive drills off Taiwan

How the Russian example influenced the policy of China and the United States towards the island Against the background of the visit of a group of US senators to Taiwan, China announced large-scale military exercises. The White House said that the United States will do everything to prevent the forced reunification of the island with

The expert said whether China will open a “second front” because of Taiwan

“The United States will not be able to prevent the reunification of the mainland with the island” The United States of America has promised to do everything to prevent mainland China from reuniting with Taiwan. Jake Sullivan, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, said this recently, speaking at a conference of the Economic

The prospect of a “hot” conflict between China and the United States over Taiwan is outlined

The Americans are provoking Beijing and pushing it towards Moscow The arrival of a delegation of American congressmen to Taiwan was another reason for a serious aggravation between the authorities of the island and the United States, on the one hand, and China, on the other. In Beijing, the politicians' visit was regarded as a

Political scientist told whether the special operation could provoke China to attack Taiwan

The results of the elections on the island will decide a lot The uneasy relations between China and the West are increasingly on the world news agenda. The United States and Europe accuse Beijing of supporting the Russian special operation in Ukraine and demand to take the “right side of history”, including in terms of

State Department approves $95 million sale of Patriot air defense equipment to Taiwan

The military assistance package also includes personnel training, operation, maintenance and other support for US Patriot systems on the island The US State Department approved the allocation of up to $95 million to Taiwan for the purchase of equipment for Patriot air defense systems. This was reported by Reuters with reference to a Pentagon statement.

CNN learns about Taiwan’s preparations for China’s invasion

The authorities of the island not controlled by Beijing are alarmed because of the situation in Ukraine Taiwan authorities fear an invasion from China against the background of the Russian military special operation of Russia on the territory of Ukraine. Such data is provided by the CNN channel. Photo: AP Despite the fact that Beijing

Pentagon chief says US will help Taiwan defend itself

Photo: Still from video The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, said that the United States intends to help Taiwan defend against the use of force. At the same time, Washington remains committed to the policy of “one China.” indicate an increase in tension in the region due to the flights of Chinese military aircraft

China lowers diplomatic relations with Lithuania over Taiwan

A few days ago, a representative office of Taiwan was opened in Vilnius. In this regard, China protested to Lithuania, pointing out that the Lithuanian side destroyed relations between the countries at the level of ambassadors Flag of Taiwan The Chinese authorities have decided to lower the level of diplomatic relations with Lithuania. This is

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