bbno$ & lentra – ​bad to the bone Lyrics

[Intro] Hey, man, the, the fuck you mean, you ain’t heard of no fuckin’ Lentra the God? [Chorus] Yeah, I’m ba-a-a-ad to the bone I ain’t sure what you been told Yeah, I’m ma-a-a-ad, you a clone Sussy boy don’t even have a sound of his own I’m a da-a-a-ad, you’re disowned I’m a fire

Sybyr – My Hair Satan Wood Job Shitty2 Lyrics

[Intro] Ah shit, I can’t hear a goddamn thing, alright, well now Welcome to the show, even though I hate this f**king Everybody gotta their own motherf**kin’ strips I gotta do bash three hoes, call her, get my dick wet [Verse] Bitch want me to try her burnt ass lemonade That she got from the

Logan Paul – The Rise Of The Pauls Lyrics (feat. Jake Paul)

LOGAN PAULThe Rise Of The Pauls Lyrics (feat. Jake Paul) Let me just start off by saying I think my brother is an idiot It’s true And he can be a real dick sometimes Also true But he is my brother Still true And I’m always gonna have his back It’s the rise of the

Dora & Dolly – Lets Make A Change (Family Ties Mixtape) letras

[Intro] I’ll be waitin’ (It’s Fuse on the beat) I’ll be waitin’ for you I’ll be waitin’ I will (?) [Verse 1: Dora] Bricks so hot I got a six pack And the boo flowin’ like a Tic Tac Hit my home girl for the kick back A lot of these boys still don’t get