Yelawolf & Caskey – Cookies Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Caskey & Yelawolf] Owee, uh, ouh yeah Haha, ouh yeah, owee, bitch (In the kitchen and it’s Taysty) [Chorus: Caskey & Yelawolf] Yeah, I ain’t a killer, don’t push me Shawty was actin’ too boujee When she see the car that I’m in And gon’ give me that pussy, okay (Owee)

645ar – I Want The Money Lyrics (feat. SenseiATL)

[Chorus] I want the money so I’ma go get it Been had racks, you still ain’t did it Racks sit on me like a mof**kin’ bench If it don’t make paper then it don’t make sense Racks on me, ran it up from some cents This clip on my mind and I think about life In love with finessin’,

Jay Burna – Game Time Lyrics (feat. Trina)

Right chea Points up on the board Million dollar hustle Get you million dollar homes Check the stats yeah We been balling for a minute Hold up Hold up We been balling for a minute Game time Right chea Right now it’s game time Swoosh Right now Right now It’s Game time Right now Right now It’s game time

Lil’ Kim – Too Bad Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I’ma really, really run through it, run through it (Yeah, yeah) I’ma really, really run through it, run through it (Yeah, yeah) I’ma really, really do it (I’ma really, really do it) I’ma really, really do it (I’ma really, really do it) I got, ’cause I got, I got jewels, jewels ‘Cause I got jewels,

G Herbo – Everything (Remix) (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Chance The Rapper)

[Intro] 808 Mafia [Verse 1: G Herbo] Yeah, hit the scene, so fresh, so mothafuckin’ clean (Herbo, okay, Herbo) And my car so fast, it’s leavin’ everything (Herbo, everything) I love you so, mama, and thank you for everything (everything) And you know, mama, I was doin’ everything Usin’ guns, ecstasy, I’m on extra lean

Watch Macklemore and Lil Yachty New “Marmalade” Video

Macklemore and Lil Yachty came through with a fun filled video for their feel-good single “Marmalade.” The cut was co-directed by Macklemore and Jason Koenig and features both rappers dreaming about their imaginary sons stealing their dad’s car and went on a joyride with friends. The video starts out with Macklemore’s son stealing his car

Wild thots – A Boogie feat. Fabolous lyrics

Lyrics A Boogie – Wild thots You used to be my baby Remember when you used to wear my chain and my bracelets I know you blushin’ when I make a statement So don’t you worry ’bout them b*tches I don’t entertain them They only want me ’cause I’m famous I’m A Boogie Wit Da

Brandy – What Have You Done for me Lyrics

[verse 1:] You use to call Now you don’t Leavin’ me all alone, (alone) You use to care Now you don’t even have time for me, (anymore) We use to walk hand in hand You would never let me go, (away) And I thought that we could be, (could be) But you ain’t doin’ nothin’

Tory Lanez – Lick X Drive You Crazy (The New Toronto 2 Mixtape)

[Lick] [Intro] Yeah, uh [Verse] Look, bustin’ out the lick and now I got it, bitch, I’m re’d up I will never run off for the plug that got me keyed up Bankin’, it’s so many Franklins in my shit, you think a nigga know Aretha (Yeah, uh) Bustin’ out the lick and now I

Gucci Mane – No Smoke (The Return Of East Atlanta Santa Album)

[Hook] Why you flexin’ boy you don’t want no smoke Why you flexin’ boy you don’t want no smoke Why you flexin’ boy you don’t want no smoke Why you flexin’ boy you don’t want no smoke Why you flexin’ boy you don’t want no smoke Why you flexin’ boy you don’t want no smoke

Meek Mill – Froze (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Nicki Minaj) letras

[Bridge: Lil Uzi Vert] I’m a rockstar, smash my guitar Diamonds on my fist and on my arms Meek and I don’t dress the same, relate in Goyard Frostbite on my pinky ring, watch me flex on y’all [Verse 1: Meek Mill] I get it now, these niggas mad that she chose the kid I’m