Alkaline’s “Top Prize” Album Tops Streaming Charts Ahead Of Release

Alkaline says his sophomore album shows growth and experience as the body of work making its presence felt on international charts ahead of its release. With several weeks to go before the release of his second studio album, Alkaline is already dominating the charts. His album Top Prize is the #1 pre-ordered album on all

Alkaline Makes Historic Appearance On Audiomack’s “Fine Tuned”

Dancehall artists always look forward to milestones in their career, but very few can say that they created history for the genre. That’s just what Alkaline will do today as he will become the first hardcore dancehall act to go live on Audiomack’s hit live performance series Fine Tuned. It seems the artist, whose real

Alkaline Nabs Pandora’s Reggae Now Playlist Cover As “Top Prize” Debut No. 1 On iTunes

Alkaline debuts at the top of the iTunes chart with her new song, “Top Prize,” after picking up the cover of Pandora’s Reggae Now playlist. Alkaline has dropped some good news that his fans are sure to love as he announced that a new album is coming! We haven’t seen much of Alkaline, but we