Bladee – Sesame Street Lyrics

[Intro: Matt OX] (I'm working on dying) Why, all it ever does is rain, rain water Well, I mean we need water I wish that it would just rain something that a grouch would like Like if it would only rain trash Wishful thinking [Chorus] I know I can get her anytime I want But

Bladee – Trash Star Lyrics

[Intro] I've been doin' this shit (Yeah, let's go) [Chorus] Tranquilizers got me tranq' (Tranq') Fill the blank (Blank) Actually I fill the bank, how you feel about that? (What?) Naturally I'm comin' back (Back) Cut the crap (Crap) I've been cuttin' up the check (Check) Hundred bands Hundred bands, hundred bands I've been cuttin'