What is the first UAV 400T drone with a domestic thermal imager created in Russia?

The drone combat competition continues. In & nbsp; Russia, the first UAV with a domestic thermal imager, called UAV 400T, has been created. It is already supplied to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for reconnaissance and adjustment of the work of artillery on the territory of Ukraine. Such a device allows you to aim at a target by the

The thrushes have arrived. The United States is developing an invulnerable hypersonic UAV

The USA is developing a successor to the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, the new version will be twice as fast and carry a weapon. The new aircraft is being developed as part of Lockheed Martin's advanced development programs. About 85 percent of the work done there is classified by the government. It is known that a

Suddenly “Hunter” will arrive. An impact UAV that makes you shut up

Russian military aviation in the very near future will receive a serious replenishment in its composition. We are talking about & nbsp; a heavy attack drone capable of performing a wide range of combat missions. Advanced technologies Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation & nbsp; Alexey Krivoruchko reported on & nbsp; that at