Dancehall Legend Baby Cham Calls Jamaican Gov’t Bias For Easing UK Travel Ban

Baby Cham speak on the Jamaican government lifting UK travel ban while ignoring the entertainment sector. Most sectors of the Jamaican economy, like many other countries around the world, have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The entertainment sector has staggered and tried as best as possible to keep up with the restrictions put

Green Day – Holiday – Live Lyrics

[Intro] And this next song is a big fuck you to all the politicians This song’s called Holiday This song is not anti-American It’s anti-war [Verse 1] Hear the sound of the falling rain Coming down like an Armageddon flame (Hey!) The shame, the ones who died without a name Hear the dogs howling out

Masterboy – Everybody Needs Somebody Lyrics

MASTERBOYEverybody Needs Somebody Lyrics Refrain: Hey, hey, heyyeah, everybody needs somebody Hey, hey, heyyeah, everybody needs somebody everybody, everywhere, everybody everybody needs somebody Rap 1 No problem at all with human races come on come on just listen to the bass Shake your body and move your bud over the top right from the start

Perry aye – Asap Mob feat. Asap Rocky lyrics

Lyrics Asap Mob – Perry Aye Me and Rocky sip the sake up in Paris Eating calamari Me and Carti at a party with some shawties Say what’s up to Bari, aye Vandalizing your Ferrari, am I hating? No, I roll with Cartier Sippin’ Dom Pérignon Whole squad Dom Perry aye. Out in Paris like