Board Tel Aviv – Moscow changed course due to US reconnaissance aircraft

A passenger plane flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow was forced to change course in order to avoid a rapprochement with an American reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea, Interfax reports. According to the words the agency's source in air traffic control services, the incident occurred the day before, one of the two US reconnaissance

Russian fighters escorted US reconnaissance planes in the Black Sea

Russian Su-27 and Su-30 fighters escorted American reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea, TASS reports, citing data from the Russian National Defense Control Center. The department said that on December 3, Russian control devices detected air targets that were approaching the border of the Russian Federation. To identify them and prevent violations of the state

Biden postponed the US shutdown

Photo: Still from video A release has been released on the White House website stating that US President Joe Biden signed an extension law government funding until February 18. Thus, he postponed the shutdown – the suspension of government work due to lack of funding. Earlier, the US Senate approved the allocation of funds until

Pentagon to conduct new investigation of US airstrikes in Syria

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered a new investigation into the 2019 US Air Force strike in Syria, which killed civilians, RIA Novosti reported. < p> According to him, the investigation will include an assessment of civilian casualties, as well as compliance with the laws of war and

US destroyer Arleigh Burke resumes operations in the Black Sea

The American missile destroyer Arleigh Burke resumed operations in the Black Sea, RIA Novosti reports. According to the US Sixth Fleet, the ship left the port of Varna in Bulgaria on November 28. As representatives of the department note, the call of the American destroyer into the port “ confirmed the commitment of the US

US strengthens Ukrainian air force with Brazilian attack aircraft

Donbass does not yet have effective protection against such aircraft Six Brazilian Super Tucano EMB 314 turboprop attack aircraft will be deployed at an airbase in Ukraine. This is US assistance to the Ukrainian Air Force. The planes were purchased from Brazil for the war in Afghanistan, but now the Taliban are in charge there

Axios learns of Germany’s request to the US over Nord Stream 2

According to Axios, the German authorities have asked the US Congress to abandon the introduction of new sanctions against Nord Stream 2. At the same time, Berlin assured that they had invented new levers of pressure on Russia Receiving terminal of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on the coast in Lubmin near Greifswald The

Hill learns of the reluctance of the US authorities to tighten sanctions against Nord Stream

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken calls on Democratic senators to block the corresponding amendment to the defense budget. The Biden administration wants to avoid tougher sanctions, as it fears discontent from Germany The administration of US President Joe Biden opposes the imposition of tougher sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as it

Antonov expressed bewilderment over US sanctions against MIPT

SOURCE: PIXABAY Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov, commenting on the US sanctions against the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, said that the administration US President Joe Biden continues to pursue a destructive course of destroying ties with Russia in areas that are not related to politics Antonov. He stressed that MIPT trains technical

In Germany, Greens called new US sanctions against SP-2 unacceptable

In Germany, an expert of the Soyuz-90/Green Party on foreign policy issues, Omid Nuripur, commenting on the imposition by the United States of new sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, said that this state of affairs was unacceptable. photo At the same time, the politician stressed that such pressure from the

Psaki declined to comment on media reports on the US sending weapons to Ukraine

Jen Psaki Photo: flickr/Third Way Think Tank Media reports about the intentions of the United States to send American military advisers to Ukraine did not comment on White House spokesman Jen Psaki during the briefing. “I have nothing to announce to you on this score,” Psaki replied to a question from reporters. CNN has published

Water-air. US wants to equip destroyers and submarines with hypersonic weapons

The United States will begin equipping its Zumwalt-class destroyers with hypersonic missiles in 4 years, and the Virginia-class nuclear submarines & mdash; in seven. Currently, the United States is testing hypersonic missiles with varying success. Placing launchers on ships and, moreover, submarines will create technological problems & mdash; probably solvable, but requiring huge financial costs.

Volodin responded to the US on Putin’s presidency after 2024

The change of power will lead to the destruction of the country, Volodin believes State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin commented on the initiative of US congressmen not to recognize Vladimir Putin as president if he is re-elected to this post in 2024. According to Volodin, such a reaction from Washington is “the best assessment of

Satanovsky warned of preemptive strike on US nuclear bases in Europe

“The past world war is not enough for Poland” European countries that are ready to accept US nuclear arsenals on their territory are at great risk. Because these arsenals of weapons of mass destruction are the primary targets for Russian missiles. This was stated by the well-known political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky. On the eve of

US plans to install hypersonic weapons on destroyers in 2025

Hypersonic weapons will begin to be supplied to the US Army in fiscal 2023, and in 2025 – to Zumwalt-class destroyers. From 2028, it will begin to appear on submarines The United States will begin deploying hypersonic weapons to the military in fiscal 2023, then, over the next few years, destroyers and submarines, said US

Bombs for all good things. US plans to build 480 new nuclear bombs

The US nuclear arsenal will soon be replenished with new B61-12 thermonuclear aviation bombs, the production of which has already begun. According to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), a total of 480 units of new ammunition are planned to be adopted. The B61-12 bombs will go to replace the outdated B61-3 and B61-4 variants

Trump praised the Taliban parade with US military equipment: a sad sight

Photo Former US President Donald Trump commented on the parade held in the capital of Afghanistan by representatives of the Taliban movement (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) with the participation of US military equipment left in the country. According to Trump, the cost of American equipment, which the militants seized, is

US and Chinese Leaders Discuss Rules of Conduct

How did the first long meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping ended? For the first time during his presidency, Joe Biden held lengthy negotiations with President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping. The heads of state emphasized the friendly attitude of the meeting, but presented each other with a long list of

US in coordination with the EU is preparing new sanctions on Belarus

photo State Department Press Officer Ned Price announced new restrictive measures against the authorities during a media briefing Belarus, which the US is currently preparing in coordination with the European Union. According to him, this issue was raised against the background of the aggravated migration crisis on the border of Belarus with the EU,

Families of US military personnel did not even have enough money for food

The political scientist compared the American army with the Russian one in the 90s There are 160 thousand servicemen in the US, as well as their families, are not provided with decent wages, there is not enough money even for food. The American news agency Associated Press recently wrote about this. “ According to Feed

US military concealed airstrikes that killed dozens of Syrian civilians

The US military concealed the 2019 airstrikes in Syria, which killed up to 64 women and children, which is a possible war crime. during the battle against Daesh, reports the New York Times. According to the report, two successive airstrikes in the Baguz area were ordered by a secret American special operations unit tasked with

US and China Discuss World GDP Recovery

Photo: Still from video US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi discussed the global economic recovery. This is stated in a press release from the State Department. Representatives of the countries agreed that it is now necessary to take decisive measures to restore global GDP in the light of supply

Aircraft carrier of the desert. China will learn to destroy US warships

The PRC military is planning to practice launching missile strikes on American ships. There is no other way to explain the fact that China has built in the center of the country, in the Taklamakan desert, a target for missiles in the form of the Gerald R. Ford class multipurpose aircraft carrier. An imitation of

It’s a hot time. The latest US fighters will receive thermonuclear bombs

The F-35 fighter will soon be armed with an upgraded multifunctional version of the B61-12 nuclear bomb. Fifth-generation fighters have fired two inert munitions from a joint test assembly as part of final preparations for the introduction of a nuclear-capable stealth fighter. figured out what new opportunities the United States will have after combining

Bloomberg learned about the difficulties of US spying on Xi Jinping

US top officials do not receive enough intelligence about what is happening in Beijing, and “understand little” about the real state of affairs in the Chinese leadership, the agency writes. Xi Jinping is becoming more and more difficult to follow Xi Jinping China and the country's leadership, including President Xi Jinping, are becoming increasingly difficult

T.H.E Interview – Eelke Kleijn

T.H.E Interview – Eelke Kleijn By Elsi Mink – October 30, 2021 0 4 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Another artist I caught up with lately is none other than Eelke Kleijn. This well-established Dutch DJ released a new track yesterday called “Rush”, which was a part of his live set for Cercle on Mont Saint-Michel

Jayda Cheaves Addresses Arrest In Jamaica For Gun Possession

Jayda Cheaves has broken her silence after she was arrested in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on suspicions of gun possession. The Atlanta Entrepreneur and Instagram model, who is also the mother of a child for rapper Lil Baby, was reportedly arrested on Monday (September 27) afternoon in Jamaica as she tried to make her way back

Mix Of The Week: Matsu

Mix Of The Week: Matsu By Akshay Bhanawat – September 15, 2021 0 3 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp At only 24-years old, Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Matsu boasts an array of competitive DJ titles including RedBull 3Style US Vice-Champion, Goldie Awards World Finalist, and Campus DJ US Champion (when he was merely 21-years-old). Now, Matsu