NLE Choppa Speak Out After Brawl At Venice Beach: “I eat punches”

NLE Choppa and his crew were captured on camera beating down a man at Venice Beach and now he’s speaking out. NLE Choppa is supposedly a changed man seeking a more spiritual path. He’s even let fans into his sort of Zen vegetable garden, showing a softer side of himself. Or at least that’s the

Rihanna Live Her Best Life With Friends In Venice Beach Goes Unnoticed By Fans

Rihanna and her friends were spotted in living her best life in Venice Beach, California, last weekend. While clad in an oversized black jacket, t-shirt, sweats, and sneakers, the singer was seen vibing and dancing with friends on the California boardwalk. She also appeared to be smoking a blunt in one clip. The singer was

Thurz – Los Angeles Lyrics

[Conversation] (man: Los Angeles is the city where dreams sweep you off your feet >In front of a great spirit, that is both strong and ready >>To help you along your journey (man: ) Los Angeles means a complex [brand?] anatomy >[Worth a lot of love, cookie joy turned tragedy?]?? (woman: ) L.A. is the

Highly Suspect – Fly Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Don’t like the way that I look I don’t like the way that I feel I’m acting like everything’s cool but maybe it’s time I start keeping it real I’ve thought about killing myself I’ve thought about ending it all I’ve thought about standing on top of my building in Brooklyn and seeing how

Katy Perry – California Gurls (Passion Pit Main Mix) Lyrics

[Intro: Snoop Dogg] Greetings, loved ones Let’s take, take, take journey [Verse 1: Katy Perry] I know a place where the grass is really greener Warm, wet and wild There must be something in the water Sipping gin and juice Laying underneath the palm trees (undone) The boys break their necks Trying to creep a

Propaganda – Crooked Ways Lyrics (feat. Terence F. Clark)

PROPAGANDACrooked Ways Lyrics (feat. Terence F. Clark) Word to Grandpops who couldn’t fathom the Obama-sis I don’t hate America, just demand she keeps her promises 20-teens looking like the 60’s, it’s crazy A nationwide deja vu, what my people ‘posed to do? Go to schools named after the Klan founder Word ’round town is y’all