Mogli The Iceburg – Gain The World Lyrics (feat. MC Jin, Gemstones & D. Tropp)

[Verse 1: MC Jin] My goal was to get signed My goal was to blow up Guess what, when it happened, I ain’t even know what, hit me Am I leanin’, Somebody pinch me, Am I dreamin’ Chain on my neck, my name on a check, life finally had some meaning At least that’s what

Travis Scott – Bandz (Demo) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Let’s get it [Chorus] I got bands (oh no, oh no, goddamn) Don’t need these hoes, hundred racks to blow Nigga, I got bands (oh no, oh no, goddamn) Let’s get this dough, run the world for sure I got bands [Verse 1] Man, I’m in these streets it’s been a

Lil Wayne – Bye Bae Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne] Mic Check [Hook: Lil Wayne] Chickens in the trunk, I’m on the highway Music playin’, phone on vibrate Hoody followin’ me, that’s my big dog Just in case some shit kick off, I got my big dog Wifey callin’ me, I answer, “Hi bae” I said, “I’m joogin right now,” she said,